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Celebrating the Achievements of Women 2011
27th Annual Women's Commission Awards Celebration

This year's Award Winners
Dawn Zitney, Lisa Ciccotelli, Joanne Burke, Bie Aweh
2011 WC Awardees

The UNH President’s Commission on the Status of Women held its 27th Annual Awards Celebration on March 23. Honoring the theme "Doing it All, the Myth of Balance", four community members were recognized for promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion at UNH and for their willingness to take a stand and apply personal strengths and wisdoms to the task. Co-Chairs Ruth Varner and Lori Wright welcomed the nearly one hundred participants.

Student commission members Lauren Banker and Mireille Hartley presented the awards to Bie Aweh, UNH senior majoring in Women’s Studies and minoring in Political Science; Joanne Burke, Director of the Dietetic Internship Program and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences and Faculty Fellow with the UNH Sustainability Academy; Lisa Ciccotelli, Program Coordinator for the Office of Community Service and Learning; and Dawn Zitney, Media Outreach Coordinator for SHARPP.

Keynote speaker Dr. Regina Barreca, women’s humorist, author and Professor of English Literature and Feminist Theory at the University of Connecticut, told her audience that women should tell the truth about their lives, accept praise for their good work, and laugh out loud. “It's not a mistake to tell the truth or to laugh without covering your mouth.” Barreca said, “Instead, it's a contribution to make your voice heard. You'll be honoring those who haven't been heard in the past.”

She illustrated women’s journey through the story of someone asking her what size she wears. She answered that, in Armani clothing, she takes a size 12. At Dot’s Dress Barn, she takes a 22 Double W.

“We women try to fit ourselves into the clothes that we buy while men simply buy clothes that fit. Men say, ‘If it fits, I’ll buy it.’  Women think, ‘I’m going to have to change to try to fit this thing.’” Barreca said that women follow this system in their daily work, trying to fit themselves into the patterns that are there - as opposed to demanding that the world try to fit us. She said, “Regardless of our background, that is what the world has taught us to do. This culture of fitting is like pollen, and you breathe it in:  from magazines, from TV – from the air!  We can’t pretend that it’s not there. We have to recognize it and change to make a difference.”

Vice Provost Wanda Mitchell concluded the program by congratulating the awardees and saying, “Women don't need more strength. They simply need to recognize what they have, and then they will transform lives.”

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From this year's 2011 Celebration Theme: Doing it All, The Myth of Balance - click on the image below and read comments from faculty, staff and students on what "balance" means to them

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