When is the best time to participate in TWC?

One of the first questions the UNH TWC Liaison will ask you is "when do you want to go?" This is asked for two reasons: to figure out the most appropriate deadline for your application, and to determine what kind of experience you are looking for. Please use this chart below to compare summer to academic year participation in The Washington Center.

  Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Term
Tuition Cost Pay your usual UNH tuition, get your usual aid/loan package Pay your usual UNH tuition, get your usual aid/loan package. Pay programming fee (similar to out of state tuition) plus UNH fees. Spread UNH aid out over 3 semesters instead of 2.
UNH Credits Granted 16 (12+4) 16 (12+4) 12 (8+4)
Length of Experience 15 weeks 15 weeks 10 weeks
Weather in Washington, DC Longer and warmer fall. Very little snow usually, earlier and warmer spring. Very hot and humid.
What's going on in Washington, DC Appropriations, Congress is in session. Cherry Blossom Festival, Congress is in session. Lots of school groups visiting. Lots of interns and visitors from all over the world. Competition for placements increases.

Application Deadlines

Plan early! All applicants must meet with the UNH TWC Liaison in advance of filling out the application, to review all aspects of the application process, including reviewing drafts of your resume, writing sample, and statement. Students must also provide an official transcript from all colleges attended, and a completed & signed UNH Study Away Reference form.

NOTE: Early Application is only for placements that require security clearances, and possibly a few other sites. Some examples are the U.S. Depts. of Justice, Homeland Security, and State, federal law enforcement agencies. All other applicants are encouraged to adhere to the Competitive Deadline. Visit the TWC page regarding programs that require early application.

Applications will not be signed or approved without a thorough review of all supporting documents by the UNH TWC Liaison.

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