Mission, Vision, and Values

The SAS Mission
The Division of Student and Academic Services serves the students of the University of New Hampshire.  We provide experiences, opportunities and support that encourage students to reach their academic potential and develop the personal and professional skills necessary for participation in a changing world.  The Division assists students with enrollment, academic support, community involvement and leadership, personal development, health and wellness, public safety and accountability, and the acquisition of skills and knowledge to realize the richness of learning that can flow from working with people from diverse backgrounds and in diverse settings.

The SAS Vision
The Division of Student and Academic Services is a learning organization that supports the Academic Plan of the University of New Hampshire utilizing strategic partnerships on and off campus; we create an integrated and challenging educational experience, within a supportive environment, that fosters intellectual and personal excellence, responsible citizenship, and a commitment to community.

Organizational Values
As an organization, the Division of Student and Academic Services includes a large and varied group of professional staff members, full- and part-time, who carry out the mission of the Division.  Toward this end, we value:

  • students and the transformative power of education
  • organizational effectiveness
  • diversity and multiculturalism
  • collaboration, coordination and cooperation
  • respectful treatment of all individuals
  • open, honest communication and decision-making
  • integrity and ethical conduct