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eVENTS Management System (EMS)

Research Computing has developed a web-based application to enable USNH event managers to collect registration information and accept on-line payments by credit card or e-check.

Current users of the system at UNH include the Music Department for Summer Youth Music School (SYMS), Athletics, Campus Recreation and 4-H for summer camps and programs, Admissions for campus tours, Institute on Disability and Small Business Development Center for conferences and workshops, The Alumni Association for reunions and events, and many more!

Key Features of eVENTS:

For Event Managers:
• Complete control over the look and feel of event information and registration form questionnaire.
• Easy-to-use wizards and editors – no programming experience needed
Paying Events: Complex fee structures are easily accommodated and completely automated – i.e. early registration prices, coupon discounts, etc.

    - Customers can pay securely online using Visa, MasterCard or e-check
    - On-line payments feed nightly to Banner Finance
    - Event managers can choose to allow customers to register online but pay offline, i.e. by mailing a check (normal offline payment processing procedures would apply)

Non-Paying Events: Track RSVP information for free events
Reports: Access live registration reports on-demand via the web. One-touch download to Microsoft Excel
Fees: No overhead or support fees. Departments are only charged the bank fees for online payments collected (i.e. approx 2% for Visa/MasterCard)

For Customers:
• Convenience of 24/7 web access to register for events
• Convenience of secure on-line payments
• One-click access directly from departmental website to event registration form (at the option of the event manager/department webmaster).

If you would like to learn more about the eVENTS system, please contact Brian Mehr, the UNH Site Administrator, for an orientation/demo meeting. A training & lab session for new users is held each March, June, September and December.

Sample registration form:

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