Budgeting & Financial Planning

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The University System of New Hampshire has the capability to accept online payments from customers. UNH uses that capability in many areas such as payment of tuition and fees, online student billing and alumni dues/donations. We also have solutions that allow for online event registration and payment.

All departments/groups wishing to accept online payments must follow the procedures below:

•  The department sends a request with specific required information to the UNH EPOC representative. EPOC is the USNH Elecronic Payment Oversight Committee appointed by ITPAC to serve as the governing body for all USNH electronic payment services.

•  If the request is for events/workshops/conferences, the UNH EPOC representative will evaluate the request to determine 1) if the activity is in compliance with all applicable policies/procedures and 2) if the USNH online event registration and payment system is a viable solution. Assuming the conditions in 1) and 2) are met, the EPOC representative will submit to the VPFA for review and approval. Once approved, the VPFA Office will contact the department to establish an implementation plan. If the conditions in 1) and 2) are not met then the steps below are followed:

•  The UNH EPOC representative reviews the proposal and, if the representative determines that it is viable, will forward it to the VPFA for review and approval.

•  After CFO approval has been obtained, the EPOC representative presents the request to EPOC where it is evaluated and prioritized.

•  EPOC determines the USNH functional and technical resources that will be needed. If Enterprise Computing Group (ECG) resources are identified as being needed, a request will be made to the Banner Working Group (BWG) for those resources.

•  The campus EPOC functional representative informs the requesting department of all decisions made and develops an implementation schedule with the department.

•  The department is responsible for front end development costs as well as all transaction/credit card processing costs.

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