Research Project

Dear student-service member,

As researchers and faculty at the University of New Hampshire, we believe understanding student-service members academic and social success in post-secondary education should be a priority. We are conducting a research project to study how service members manage symptoms of concussion or mild traumatic brain injury during their academic work.

 If you believe you are experiencing symptoms such as attention deficits, memory problems, headaches, sleeplessness, etc. due to an injury/incident you sustained while deployed or during training, you are invited to participate in this study. 

We are seeking up to ten service members who are willing to participate in a case study. Each participant will be asked to meet with the lead researcher for an initial meeting to discuss his/her military and post-secondary experiences and complete a brief traumatic brain injury/concussion questionnaire. Participants will also meet with the researcher two additional times for brief interviews. Finally, participants will be asked to complete two one-page learning journals to document his/her academic activities each day during two separate weeks.

Please email or call the lead researcher, Bryan Ness, PhD, if you want to participate or would like more information: or (603) 862-0119.

Because we appreciate your time and input, we are offering an incentive for participating in this study. You may earn up to $50 in gift cards for completing all the research activities.

Your participation is completely voluntary. This study is not related to any military entity, and your participation will have no effect on any education, health, or housing benefit you receive.