Gary Jordan

Gary Jordan
What Happens After Graduation? A Followup on Gary Jordan

Gary Jordan - MA, Economics, Senior

Currently LTC - Inspector General, Maine National Guard

Wife is also a LTC in the Maine National Guard

Gary did his undergrad work at Westpoint in Engineering and Physics.

Why UNH?  Gary was looking for a one year Economics program in order to minimize his time spent away from his family who lives in Maine.  Gary has 3 children, 2 boys who are also attending College and a daughter still in high school. 

Gary is a resident of Babcock Hall. He is the Community Assistant for 2 floors and is involved in the Student Veterans Organization. When I asked him what it was like being a Community Assistant, he equated it to being a parent.  He does rounds on both floors every evening,  monitoring noise levels and handling complaints.  He also coordinates socials and makes referrals when students need assistance that is beyond what he can help with.  He finds that "students listen to him pretty well, probably because I'm the oldest one here". Gary is a big proponent of living on campus, "it gives you more opportunity to connect and immerse yourself in the environment".  

Gary finds his classes (taking 22 credits) to be fast-paced and challenging. He hopes to graduate in May.  While considering his options for the summer he may actually begin to look into PhD. programs or teach at a community college. Gary likes to teach and will pursue that as a next career and if possible combine it with financial management.

Gary spent five years on active duty, was in Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.