Monthly Student Highlights

August 2014

Evan Bruno Student Veteran

Evan Bruno, Evan Bruno (Political Science/Italian Studies) will travel to Italy aided by a Foundation for Global Scholars (Veterans Category) award.

Winner of the Study Abroad Scholarship Evan will be traveling to Italy in September and staying for the year.  Evan is a self designed Italian Studies/Political Sceince major, an Army National Guard veteran and has spent time working in the Veterans Services office in Stoke Hall helping other students like himself get signed up for the GI Bill, Tuition Waivers and acclimating the the UNH community.  

  Congratulations Evan!!

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April 2012

Christine Ford

Christine Ford, Undergraduate Senior, Marine, Estuarine, and Freshwater Biology, United States Air Force Veteran

Christine Ford entered the Air Force as an Airman First Class in December of 1998.  As a college graduate she was qualified to enter at the rank of Lieutenant but she chose not to.  When asked why, Christine says, "I wanted to learn how to do my job before I tried to tell someone else how to do it."  This type of reasoning is a big part of what helps Christine in her transition now from airman to student at UNH.  She describes herself as a "mature learner" who was a bit anxious when she first started attending classes.  It is precisely this adult personality that her classmates find a welcome addition in class.

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April 2014

HB 624

Waiving the Residency requirement for in-state tuition for veterans HB 624, HB624

Recently the NH Legislation passed a bill waiving residency requirements for veterans attending any institution in the university system of New Hampshire.  For more specifics on the bill please go to the State of New Hampshire House of Representatives website.  

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January 2013

Gary Jordan

Gary Jordan, What Happens After Graduation? A Followup on Gary Jordan

What Happens After Graduation? A year later we caught up with Gary Jordan and found he had just been accepted into a PhD program.

 Gary was a student at UNH in 2011-2012.  He graduated with a BS in Economics and has gone on to apply for a PhD program and was recently accepted.  He’ll be attending the University of Buffalo concentrating on Economic Geography, International Business, and World Trade.  Gary doesn’t tend to do things half way so while he begins work on the PhD he will also be a Teaching Assistant for a course on the Geography of World Commerce.  His two masters degrees, Economics and Business Administration will complement this program. 

When asked what his long term goals are:  Gary says he would “like to teach at the college level and would love to get back to West Point someday”.    

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March 2015

Military and Veteran Student Services Team

Services Team Military and Veterans, MVS

Lonn Sattler, Denny Byrne, Karina Locke and Karen Gilbert stand ready to assist you in your efforts to apply to UNH, to get your benefits in place, and to begin pursuing your degree.  We offer many services, just a few are;  the opportunity to meet with a VA representative on campus, to participate in a growing student organization - the Student Armed Forces Association, to attend weekly brown bag lunches where there is time to relax and get some help with questions you might have and much more.

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November 2014

2nd Annual UNH Veterans Job Fair

Veterans Fair The UNH Career Center, Employment, Education and Resources

Some great networking going on at the 2nd Annual UNH Veterans Job, Career and Resource Fair

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October 2014

USA Jobs Workshop

Free Webinars USA JOBS Workshop, October 22nd and November 6th

Want to work for the Government? 

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