2007 Faculty Mentors

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS)
Dale Barkey Chemical Engineering
Christopher Bauer Chemistry
Per Berglund Physics
David Brown Geography
Michael Carter Electrical and Computer Engineering
William Clyde Earth Sciences
Charlie Cox Chemistry
Jo Daniel Civil Engineering
J. Matthew Davis Hydrogeology
Allen Drake Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ihab Farag Chemical Engineering
Barry Fussell Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Gardner Environmental Research Group
David Gress Civil Engineering
Todd Gross Mechanical Engineering
James Harper Physics
Frank Hludik Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jenna Jambeck Environmental Research Group
Joel Johnson Earth Sciences
Richard Johnson Chemistry
Brad Kinsey Mechanical Engineering
Joseph Klewicki Mechanical Engineering
John Lacourse Electrical and Computer Engineering
Steven Levery Chemistry
Joseph Licciardi Earth Sciences
Ernst Linder Mathematics and Statistics
Jeffrey Melton Civil Engineering
Glen Miller Chemistry
Roy Planalp Chemistry
Karsten Pohl Physics
Gerald Sedor Mechanical Engineering
Donald Sundberg Materials Science
May-Win Thein Mechanical Engineering
Igor Tsukrov Mechanical Engineering
Charles Zercher Chemistry
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) and Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space
Charles Farrugia Physics/ Space Science Center
Eberhard Moebius Physics/ Space Science Center
Charles Smith Physics
Cameron Wake Earth Sciences/Climate Change Research Center
College of Liberal Arts
Michael Andrew Education
Michael Annicchiarico Music
Brigitte Bailey English
Victoria Banyard Psychology
Jennifer Borda Communication
Andrew Boysen Music
Marla Brettschneider Political Science
Cliff Brown Sociology
Warren Brown Political Science
John Carney Education
Pablo Chavajay Psychology
Monica Chui English
Grant Cioffi Education
Ellen Cohn Psychology
Margaret-Love Denman English
Willem deVries Philosophy
Paula DiNardo Sociology
Lori Dobbins Music
Robert Drugan Psychology
Alasdair Drysdale History
Jean Elson Sociology
Lester Fisher English
David Frankfurter History
Brett Gibson Psychology
Nicoletta Gullace History
J. William Harris History
Rob Haskins Music
Susan Hatfield Music Education
Susan Hertz English
David Hiley Philosophy
Michael Jackson Communication
Beverly James Communication
David Kaye Theatre and Dance
Mardi Kidwell Communication
Chris Kies Music
Deborah Kinghorn Theatre and Dance
James Krasner English
Michelle Leichtman Psychology
John Limber Psychology
Robert Mair Psychology
Mary Malone Political Science
Claire Malarte-Feldman French and Italian
McKeel McBride English
Jill McGaughy Psychology
Gregory McMahon History (Humanities Program)
Carolyn Mebert Psychology
Catherine Moran Sociology
Jennifer Moses Art and Art History
Mary M. Moynihan Womens Studies
Naomi Nagy English
David Pillemer Psychology
Sharyn Potter Sociology
Lawrence Reardon Political Science
Priscilla Reinertsen Sociology
Stephan Reyna Anthropology
David Richman Theatre and Dance
Lucy Salyer History
Sarah Sherman English
Sandhya Shetty English
Nicholas Smith Philosophy
Jeannie Sowers Political Science
William Stine Psychology
Timm Triplett Philosophy
Heather Turner Sociology
David Watters English
Clifford Wirth Political Science
College of Life Sciences and Agriculture
Jacqueline Aitkenhead-Peterson Natural Resources
Aaron Argyros Plant Biology
Kimberly Babbitt Natural Resources
Mimi Becker Natural Resources
James Byers Zoology
Gale Carey Gale Animal and Nutritional ScienceCarey
Vaughn Cooper Microbiology
Rick Cote Biochemistry Molecular Biology
Kevin Culligan Biochemistry Molecular Biology
Joanne Curran-Celentano Animal and Nutritional Science
Thomas Davis Plant Biology
Peter Erickson Animal and Nutritional Science
Wayne Fagerberg Plant Biology
Serita Frey Natural Resources
Lyndon Goodridge Resource Economics and Development
John Halstead Resource Economics and Development
James Haney Zoology
Estelle Hraba Plant Biology
Adrienne Kovach Natural Resources
Andrew Laudano Biochemistry Molecular Biology
Molly Lutcavage Zoology
Subhash Minocha Plant Biology
Jesse Morrell Animal & Nutritional Sciences
Doug Morris Resource Economics and Development
Peter Pekins Natural Resources
Frank Rodgers Microbiology
Michelle Scott Zoology
Anthony Tagliaferro Animal and Nutritional Science
James Taylor Zoology
Louis Tisa Microbiology
Stephen Torosian Microbiology
David Townson Animal and Nutritional Science
Paul Tsang Animal and Nutritional Science
Charles Walker Zoology
Winsor Watson Zoology
Cheryl Whistler Microbiology
College of Life Sciences and Agriculture and Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space
Erik Hobbie Complex Systems Research Center/Natural Resource
Richard Lammers Complex Systems Research Center/Natural Resource
Barry Rock Complex Systems Research Center/Natural Resource
Charles Vorosmarty Complex Systems Research Center/Natural Resource
Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space
James Connell Space Science Center/Physics
Antionette Galvin Space Science Center/Physics
Marc Lessard Space Science Center/Physics
Mark McConnell Space Science Center/Physics
Barkley Sive Climate Change Research Center
The Leitzel Center
Stephen Hale Leitzel Center/Natural Resources
College of Health and Human Services
Lynette Ament Nursing
Brent Bell Kinesiology
L. Rene Bergeron Social Work
Rosemary Caron Health Management and Policy
oyce Cappiello Nursing
Pam DiNapoli Nursing
Michael Fraas Communication Disorders
Gene Harkless Nursing
Robert Jolley Social Work
James Lewis Health Management and Policy
Leslie MacLeod Health Management and Policy
Robert McGrath Health Management and Policy
Timothy Quinn Kinesiology
Allison Sigler Kinesiology
Barbara Prudhomme White Occupational Therapy
Carol Willliams-Barnard Nursing
Thompson School of Applied Science
Eugene Alibrio Restaurant Management
Matthew Chagnon Forest Technology
Andrew Conroy Animal Science
Rene Gingras Horticulture Technology
Kate Hanson Community Service and Leadership
John Hart Horticulture Technology
Dana Sansom Horticulture Technology
UNH Campus Ministry
Julie Tracy Campus Ministry
Larry Brickner-Wood Campus Ministry
UNH Office of Community Service
Marianne Fortescue Office of Community Service
Whittemore School of Business and Economics
Bill Machanic Marketing
Peter Masucci Marketing
UNH Manchester - Humanities Division
Jack Hoza Sign Language Interpretation
Robert Macieski History
Fred Metting English
Jack Resch History
UNH Manchester - Social Science Division
Gary Goldstein Psychology
Patrice Mettauer Communication Arts
Alison Paglia Psychology
Skip Tenczar Communication Arts
UNH Manchester - Science and Technology Division
Ralph Draper Engineering Technology Program
Sarah Kenick Chemistry
Registered Nurse Baccaulaureate Program
Susan Fetzer Nursing
Elizabeth City State University
Linda Hayden
Jinchun Yuan
Jeff Wood
University of Kansas
Prasad Gogineni
Boston College
Davarian Baldwin
Steve Bruner
Rudolph Hon
Susan Menees
Jamel Santa Cruz Bell
Eve Splangler
Brandeis University
Linda Bui
UMASS Amherst
Ruth Jennison
University of Rhode Island
Susan Boatright
Robert Eckstein
School for Field Studies, Kenya
Moses Okello Center for Wildlfe Management