University Police Patrol

The University of New Hampshire Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency. University Police officers have statutory police authority as outlined in the Charter of the Town of Durham and in accordance with the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council administrative rules, and have police authority on all university property under the direct control of UNH and anywhere within the Town of Durham.

The officers are trained at the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Academy in Concord, New Hampshire and receive additional in-service training in first-aid, firearms, drug identification, legal issues updates, etc. Officers are responsible for a full-range of police and public safety emergencies. Officers routinely handle traffic accidents, the enforcement of laws including drug and liquor law violations, and all other incidents requiring police service.

The UNH Police Department has officers with numerous specialized assignments and units, to include: the Strafford County Regional Tactical Operations Unit (SCRTOU), the New Hampshire Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task-Force, Drug Enforcement Administration's Clandestine Lab Team, New Hampshire Attorney General's Drug Task-Force.

The UNH Police Department utilizes bicycle and motorcycle patrol units.   

Members of the community are encouraged to report all criminal offenses to the University Police. In an effort to facilitate prompt reporting of offenses, the University Police Department's emergency telephone number is published in the campus telephone directory, and is posted in all student housing facilities. Emergency call boxes are located at center of University residential halls and in all major parking lots. Emergency blue phones are also located through out the campus.

University Police officers have a close working relationship with the Town of Durham Police Department, the State Police, State Liquor Enforcement and County Sheriff's Department. However, all crime statistics generated from campus organizations and housing within the jurisdiction of the University Police Department are monitored and reported by the University Police Department. Local law enforcement agencies do not formally report statistics of off-campus student arrests. However, specific information is reciprocated to these agencies for investigative purposes on a case by case basis.