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Austenmania!: The Appeal of the Regency Novelist in the Twenty-First Century

This talk and PowerPoint presentation survey the ways in which Jane Austen has been commodified over the past fifteen years, filtering into national currency, video games, housewares, and jewelry. Harzewski explores the 'why' behind the popularity of this Regency era novelist and how examining the fetishization of Austen approximately two hundred years after her death offers clues not only into reading choices, but also larger aspects of contemporary society.

Speaker Name: Stephanie Harzewski
Date: Tuesday June 24, 2014
Time: 7:00 PM
Sponsoring Organization: Wadleigh Memorial Library
Location: 49 Nashua Street, Milford, NH
Website: www.wadleighlibrary.org
Contact Person: Susan Amann [email]
Phone Number: 603-249-0645
Comments: Ms. Harzewski will speak on Jane Austen to book group members from several area libraries. This event will kick-off the annual Adult Summer Reading P