2014 Honors Convocation Keynote Speaker

Kimberly Babbitt '84

Kimberly J. Babbitt '84
Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

A 1984 graduate of UNH, Kim Babbitt is a prolific scholar, gifted teacher, and mentor to hundreds of UNH students, both undergraduate and graduate, who share her passion for the field of behavioral and community ecology. Babbitt has authored dozens of research papers and received dozens of grants and contracts from organizations seeking her expertise on topics that span the fields of ecology, behavior, toxicology, genetics, and natural resource management. Her research on amphibians that are dependent on small ephemeral wetlands know as vernal pools has provided data critical to guiding effective management practices for these species. But she is best known by students for providing exceptional fieldwork experiences—both in New England and around the world. As the academic program coordinator of the EcoQuest-UNH program, for the past 11 years Babbitt has worked with colleagues in New Zealand to provide hundreds of students from across the United States the opportunity to study natural resources management and applied ecology in this country’s 80 million year old archipelago. Her passion for working with students was why she decided to move into the position of Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in 2008.