Stories in Topic: Science

  • Rambling Rose cherry tomato
    09.30.15 - UNH Scientist Develops New Cherry Tomato: 'Rambling Rose' Designed to Grow in Hanging Baskets in Greenhouses
  • 09.24.15 - To the Moon and Back
    SURF grant helps UNH undergrad work to make that possible again
    The lunar rover developed by the Hakuto research team. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)   Tamir Blum ’16 is a mechanical engineering major who has thought about one day working with robots. Or maybe for a company whose focus is outer space. Either way, he’s got a little experience with both. 
  • W. Kelley Thomas, Hubbard Professor of genomics and director of the UNH HCGS
    09.24.15 - NIH Grant Boosts NH's Biomedical Research Capacity
          W. Kelley Thomas, Hubbard Professor of genomics and director of the UNH Hubbard Center for
  • UNH Psychology Professor Edward O'Brient
    09.01.15 - UNH Psychology Professor Wins Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award
  • UNH Organic Dairy calf
    09.01.15 - What Happens Here Stays Here
    How research at UNH's organic dairy is helping farmers with energy independence
    UNH Organic Dairy Research Farm About 5 miles from campus on UNH’s Organic Dairy Research Farm (ODRF), University Professor John Aber leads an innovative research project that’s rooted in UNH’s land-grant missi
  • juvenile winter flounder
    08.27.15 - To Track Winter Flounder, UNH Researchers Look to Ear Bones
  • Polar Bear in Arctic
    08.26.15 - On Top of the World
    UNH researcher shares scenery and science from a Greenland glacier
  • 08.18.15 - Filling the STEM Pipeline
    UNH Tech Camps engage youth and teachers in STEM
    This summer, UNH was alive with the sights and sounds of model rockets firing, robots navigating obstacle courses and wind turbines being built. But it wasn’t college students participating in such projects —  it was elementary, middle and high school students enrolled in UNH Tech Camp, which provided hands-on STEM learning opportunities to youth throughout the state.
  • UNH student Luke Miller '16 in the greenhouse with marigolds
    08.18.15 - Research Brief: Sustainable Agriculture
    Luke Miller '16 and many marigolds go to work during summer study
    Name: Luke Miller ’16College: College of Life Sciences and AgricultureMajor:  Sustainable AgricultureHometown: Douglassville, PennsylvaniaAward: URA (Undergraduate Research Award)
  • UNH professor Rick Cote
    08.06.15 - A Look Inside the Eye with Professor Rick Cote
    Photo: Lisa Nugent Imagine a world where doctors and scientists could understand the most fundamental causes of human blindness.
  • Lise Mahoney
    08.05.15 - Strawberry Fields
    Post-doctorate’s work explores colorful, flavorful berries
    A Ph.D. program isn’t something one enters into lightly. It’s a big commitment — years, in fact. But for Lise Mahoney, once she began her strawberry research at UNH back in 2004, working toward that academic goal eventually became just another year.
  • Students launching scientific balloon at UNH Project SMART
    07.23.15 - Riding High
    Project SMART’s annual high-altitude balloon flight sends UNH-built instrumentation to near space
    Project SMART high school students steady their scientific balloon as it fills with helium prior to launch. (Photo: Devin Thomas, University of British Columbia)
  • sweet potatoes growing in a field at UNH
    07.22.15 - New England is Poised to Take Bigger Slice of Sweet Potato Pie
  • 07.15.15 - Not Just the Heat, It’s the Humans
    New UNH study connects 13,000 years of small mammal adaptation to warming — and more
    When it comes to adapting to the changing environment of the Great Basin in the North American West, for small mammals, warming associated with climate change is only part of the problem: Humans have played a role, too.
  • UNH genetics major Christina DiMeo in Rudman Hall laboratory
    07.08.15 - Research Brief: Sophomore Gets Hands On With Conservation Genetics
    Cottontail research keeps Christina DiMeo’s summer hopping
    Name: Christina DiMeo '18 (University Honors Program)College: Life Sciences and AgricultureMajor: Genetics Hometown: Absecon, New Jersey
  • UNH scientists aboard the NOAA ship Gordon Gunter
    07.07.15 - Testing the Waters
    UNH scientist heads up NOAA’s East Coast ocean acidification cruise
    From left to right, the UNH crew aboard NOAA’s R/V Gordon Gunter: cruise chief scientist Joe Salisbury, research scientist Shawn Shellito, Ph.D. student Melissa Meléndez Oyola and research scientist Marc Emond.
  • UNH professor and researcher Iago Hale
    07.07.15 - Yes, You Can Grow (Hardy) Kiwis in New England
    UNH research aims to add high-value crop to regional market
    Whether for fresh eating, winemaking or other value-added products, UNH professor Iago Hale is hopeful his research will lead to the establishment of a hardy kiwi industry in New Hampshire.
  • Ray Grizzle on a boat tonging oysters
    07.07.15 - Saving Great Bay, Oyster by Oyster: UNH Program Recognized for Oyster Conservation Efforts
    When UNH oyster conservation efforts received an award recently, professor Ray Grizzle shared the honors with not only The Nature Conservancy (TNC), his partner in restoring oysters to Great Bay since 2006. Nearly 100 local citizen-scientists and eight million microscopic oyster larvae also had a piece in the Gulf of Maine Visionary Award from the Gulf of Maine Council.
  • UNH Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping
    06.25.15 - More Than Mapping
    CCOM lets no data lie fallow
    CCOM director Larry Mayer and research scientist Christina Fandel. (Photo: Bruce F.
  • 06.24.15 - Green Crabs and Sweatpants: An Intern Goes On Assignment at Jackson Estuarine Lab