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A new product that will help measure rooftop snow loads
Thursday, June 19, 2014

UNH SnowScale

Winter 2014's snowstorms and attendant roof collapse warnings may be a distant memory now, but a team of students and professors at UNH-Manchester has 2015 in its sights with a product that can help businesses and homeowners measure rooftop snow loads. Through the summer, six students led by Mihaela Sabin, associate professor of computer science, and Christopher LeBlanc, assistant professor of electrical engineering, will be working with civil engineering alumnus and entrepreneur Chris Dundorf '02 to adapt his company's SnowScale—a system designed to measure water content in snow loads in industrial settings—for commercial rooftop use. Based out of the Manchester's campus brand-new Engineering and Technology Laboratory, which was launched by LeBlanc, the project received funding from two competitive grants awarded by New Hampshire Innovation Research Center and NH EPScoR.

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UNH Magazine

Photo by Mike Ross