Stories in Topic: Culture and Society

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    05.01.14 - UNH Tapped to Help White House Task Force End Campus Sexual Assault
    The University of New Hampshire is one of three universities tapped by a White House task force to do further research related to ending campus sexual assault. UNH’s Prevention Innovations was identified in “Not Alone: The First Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault.” The center will design and implement a training program, in cooperation with campus-based practitioners from around the country and the university’s Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP).
  • 05.01.14 - Homelands
    Born in Sarajevo, Jasmin Cesko ’14 is Creating a Bright Future in Multicultural America
    Jasmin Cesko’s earliest memories are of huddling in Bosnian bomb shelters in his mother’s arms while his father fought on the frontlines.
  • picture of strawberries with hulls
    04.24.14 - Strawberry Fields Forever
    N.H. Agricultural Experiment Station Researchers Find Promise In Strawberry Cultivation System
    Researchers at the NH Agricultural Experiment Station (NHAES) at the University of New Hampshire investigating a strawberry production system used throughout the nation’s leading strawberry producing regions believe the system – the annualized plasticulture system – holds economic promise for New Hampshire’s and New England’s strawberry producers.
  • Professor Jeff Bolster and Daniel Zotos
    04.10.14 - Survival, a Fish Story
    A Student Researcher Travels to Spain To Understand the Atlantic bluefin tuna Fishery
    Jeffrey Bolster and Daniel Zotos by the commercial fishing pier in Portsmouth, N.H.
  • Fisherman with fresh caught seafood
    04.10.14 - Gone Fishin’
    Sustainable Seafood Dinner Serves Up Local Catch
    On Wednesday, April 16 UNH will host its first Sustainable Seafood Dinner at Holloway Commons from 4:30 to 9:00 p.m. The dinner will highlight locally caught seafood and New England’s fishing community.
  • Jim Burchell ’80, riding in the back of a truck
    02.27.14 - Community Activist Jim Burchell ’80 Continues to Give Back
    UNH connected with Jim Burchell ’80 when he won an iPad in a recent contest that encouraged alumni to join the university’s new online community, UNH Connect. Not only was he the university’s first Truman Scholar, but Burchell attended UNH while also serving as a Rochester (N.H.) city councilor and a New Hampshire state representative. And he worked two 12-hour shifts at a local manufacturer every weekend tending a furnace.
  • Image of a brain
    02.27.14 - Most of Us Have Made Best Memories by Age 25
    By the time most people are 25, they have made the most important memories of their lives, according to new research from the University of New Hampshire. Researchers at UNH have found that when older adults were asked to tell their life stories, they overwhelmingly highlighted the central influence of life transitions in their memories. Many of these transitions, such as marriage and having children, occurred early in life.
  • Roses
    02.20.14 - Coming Up Roses
    A Thompson School Student Plumbs the Depths of Her Education to Grow a Business That Blooms
    Erica Johnson in her element at the Macfarlane Greenhouse Facility.
  • John Mayer
    02.20.14 - Mr. Personality
    Book by Psychology Professor Jack Mayer Explores New Kind of Intelligence
    "It's a big job to establish an ability or intelligence," says Jack Mayer, psychology professor and author of Personal Intelligence: The Power of Personality and How It Shapes Our Lives.
  • Whales and Nations book cover
    02.13.14 - UNH Historian Recounts Effort to Regulate Whaling Industry in New Book
  • Tom Safford and his dog Riley
    02.06.14 - The View from the Coast
    A Scientist Conducts Environmental Research That Measures Beliefs Not Bacteria
    “There isn’t an environmental issue that isn’t a people issue,” contends sociologist Tom Safford.
  • Prevention Innovations Know Your Power promotion
    01.30.14 - UNH Prevention Innovations Inducted into Hall of Fame
    New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence Recognizes the Organization’s Efforts to End Violence Against Women
  • 01.23.14 - UNH Integrates Nationally Recognized Anti-Bullying Program into Graduate Education Program
    In the United States, it is estimated that a child is bullied every seven minutes. Educators and students discuss how the Courage to Care program has helped their schools increase civility and empathy, which has been shown to reduce bullying.
  • 12.19.13 - The Case Against Spanking
    New Book by Renowned Researcher Offers Definitive Study
    Murray Straus, founder and co-director of the UNH Family Research Laboratory and professor emeritus of sociology, discusses the long-term implications of spanking.
  • 11.21.13 - Serving the Granite State
    UNH Alum Creates First Public Virtual High School; More Than 10,000 N.H. Students Attend
    Steve Kossakoski, who earned a master’s degree in education and doctorate in education administration at UNH, founded New Hampshire’s only public online high school, the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School.
  • JFK
    11.14.13 - JFK Movie Based on UNH Historian’s Book Premieres on TLC
    Letters to Jackie, Official Trailer
  • Red Sox win World Series
    11.07.13 - The Sox-UNH Connection (Update)
    Links Go W-a-a-a-y Back
    WFXT- Behind the Monster from Scott Ripley on Vimeo.
  • 10.10.13 - Sibling Aggression and Mental Health
    Corinna Jenkins Tucker Talks about the Response to a Major Study
  • 09.26.13 - Aura - Indulge in Color
    Gourmet Dinner is First to Be Held in New Paul College Building
    Chef Matt Louis, owner of the modern American tapas restaurant Moxy in Portsmouth, is the guest executive chef for Aura.
  • Nyomi Guzman '14
    09.26.13 - There’s No Place Like Home
    Carsey Social Innovation Intern Fosters Pride in Mobile Community
    Nyomi Guzman at Aberdeen West, a manufactured home community in Stratham, NH.