Stories in Topic: Campus Life

  • 12.02.13 - Stories: Be There When The Fish Hits The Ice
    Wildcat hockey is huge at UNH and throughout the state. Friday and Saturday night games typically draw thousands from campus and the surrounding communities to the Whittemore Center Arena, where UNH fans are famous for making things…well…very uncomfortable for visiting teams.
  • 12.02.13 - How To: Be a UNH Superfan
  • 11.14.13 - In Their Own Words
    Marketing Professor Mastering Multiple Teaching Mediums
    Associate Professor of Marketing Goksel Yalcinkaya came to UNH in 2007 and immediately began to assume a critical role in the educational missions of Paul College’s undergraduate and MBA programs. In his first year at UNH, he developed an upper-level elective, Marketing Strategy, which he has refined and improved each semester – earning perfect evaluations in both the spring of 2011 and the fall of 2012.
  • Cassie OBrian
    11.14.13 - For Student Veterans, Nov. 11 is Not Just Another Day
    "…a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace…"
    When Cassie O’Brian was a kid, Veteran’s Day just meant a day off from school. For some people, that’s still what it means: no school, no work.
  • Fall Issue of Magazine
    11.07.13 - Fall Issue of UNH Magazine
  • 10.31.13 - Who Ya Gonna Call?
    UNH “Ghostbusters” Take Student Research to Other Worlds
    Marja Ruderman, president of the UNH Paranormal Club, turned her childhood obsession with ghosts into a popular student organization on campus.
  • Myth of Smith
    10.31.13 - The Myth of Smith
    Late at night, when most of the students are asleep, the dorm lounge might seem to be an ideal place for some undisturbed studying--unless you happen to live in Smith Hall. Legend has it that the oldest dormitory on campus is haunted.
  • Jessie Doe Haunted House
    10.31.13 - Jessie Doe Haunted House
  • Fall Great Lawn
    10.24.13 - Fall 2013
  • IROP Symposium
    10.10.13 - International Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Fight the Flu
    10.03.13 - Fight the Flu
    Free Flu Vaccine Clinic for UNH Students
    Flu season is coming to UNH...and so is the FLU VACCINE CLINIC FOR STUDENTS
  • UNH Cat Pack Kick-Off Rally
    09.26.13 - Cat Pack Kick-Off Rally
  • University Day
    09.19.13 - Watch University Day in a Minute
    The University Day Campus Picnic and Student Activities Fair are great ways for UNH students to participate in the University community. Student organizations recruit new members and UNH departments promote their services and benefits to the campus and community.
  • 09.12.13 - The Doors Are Always Open at Shop UNH
  • Students waiting for the next bus
    09.12.13 - When’s the Next Bus Coming?
    Here’s How to Find Out
    Wildcat Transit riders know all about the benefits of bus travel. There are no parking tickets. It saves gas money. It’s convenient and good for the environment. And now, thanks to a new app from UNH Mobile, it’s more efficient than ever.
  • Mural Time Lapse
    09.05.13 - UNH Mural Time Lapse
  • Kids race skateboards at Camp Wildcat
    09.05.13 - No Lazy Days of Summer at UNH
    Kids of all ages have fun, are creative, and learn new things at UNH in the summer.
  • 08.08.13 - Smart Students Study Cutting-edge Science with Project Smart
    High School Juniors And Seniors Study Biotechnology And Space Science
    In the crowded atrium of Morse Hall, large posters mounted on easels described cutting-edge science ranging from genetically engineered plants to 3-D bio-printing to an ultra-low frequency magnetometer.
  • solar panels on Woodruff house
    08.08.13 - Evergreen
    Concern for the Environment Started Early at UNH
    CATCHING SOME RAYS: In a 1980 photo from The New Hampshire, students adjust solar panels on the roof of Woodruff House.
  • 08.08.13 - UNH Video Highlights