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  • 11.20.14 - Review of Thompson School Calls for a Return to Its Roots
    The Thompson School of Applied Science fills a unique need in the state, providing an associates level, job-ready education in the areas of land, food and animals that community colleges don’t and/or can’t provide. UNH is committed to the Thompson School’s original mission to best serve its students as well as the workforce needs of the state while at the same time addressing increased competition, enrollment pressures and a need to control costs. The school fills an essential role in the university’s mission to provide high-quality programs of distinction. 
  • UNH Pike fraternity brothers pose after the 2012 Cycle for Life
    11.20.14 - Cycling for Life: Fraternity hosts fundraiser this Saturday
    On Saturday, dozens of volunteers will climb onto 16 stationary bikes at the Hamel Rec Center, and pedal the day away for a good cause: to remember a fraternity brother and good friend to many who passed away in 2008. The 7th Annual Taylor Trudeau Cycle for Life fundraiser event aims to raise $12,000 to fund leukemia, lymphoma and melanoma research. Pike fraternity brothers, in conjunction with Trudeau’s parents, Leslie and John Trudeau, organize the fundraiser each year.
  • 11.18.14 - UNH Joins Partnership for a Healthier America to Offer Healthier Choices for Students, Employees
    The University of New Hampshire became one of the first schools to sign on to the Partnership for a Healthier America's (PHA) Healthier Campus Initiative, in a three-year commitment to make its campus healthier by adopting guidelines around food and nutrition, and physical activity and programming. This initiative will impact more than 15,000 students and more than 3,000 faculty and staff.
  • 11.18.14 - Change
    UNH took a hard lesson learned—and turned it into a national model for sexual assault education and prevention
  • UNH Campus Journal-Faculty and Staff news
    11.18.14 - Campus Journal: Faculty and Staff News
     UNHInnovation Catalyst Seminar Series Nov. 20  UNHInnovation presents “Innovating in NH - Innovation Assistance: Innovative UNH Alumni” with speaker Joe McEachern, founder of QA Cafe and a UNH alumnus, Thursday, Nov. 20, 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. at Alpha Loft, 9 Madbury Road, 4th floor  Register Here 
  • Mopeds are a popular form of transport at UNH
    11.17.14 - Getting Around
  • 11.12.14 - “This Is My Water”
    International students on life in a foreign country
     Chao "Yvonne" Yang Chao Yang remembers the moment she knew she would someday come to America. She was a five-year-old, watching television with her parents. There was a Thanksgiving scene: a large turkey, a beautifully set table. She even remembers the shiny silverware.  
  • 11.11.14 - Around the World and Back Again: One Veteran's Story
    Growing up, Kristina Johnson noticed that in her town, not many people left to see the world. But she wanted to. That wanderlust didn't change after graduating Goffstown High School in 2005 and continuing her college career at UNH Manchester. What did change, what turned her dream into a plan of action, was some advice from a professor in the summer of 2007.
  • 11.10.14 - UNH Marks Veterans Day
    UNH marked Veterans Day 2014 with events, ceremonies and community service on campus and in local communities. On Friday, UNH Army and Air Force ROTC cadets held vigil at the flagpole in front of Thompson Hall from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m., with a changing of the guard every 30 minutes. More photos in slideshow below    
  • Retired UNH Prof. David Olsen (center) receives Patriot Award
    11.10.14 - Former UNH Prof. David Olsen Receives Patriot Award from NHESGR
    Former UNH professor of natural resources David P. Olsen (center), with his former graduate student Lee Alexander (right) and NHESGR's John Pappas. 
  • 11.06.14 - Go Wildcats
    As we head into the “Month of Believing,” here’s some inspiration. 
  • 11.06.14 - Calling All Believers
  • 11.05.14 - Great Things Ahead on Campus: Service, Gratitude and Pride All Part of Upcoming 'Month of Believing’
  • Christopher Clement
    11.05.14 - Christopher Clement Named New Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Two students rake leaves as part of a community service project.
    11.04.14 - Great Things Ahead on Campus
    Community Service, Giving Thanks and Showing UNH Pride are all part of the Upcoming 'Month of Believing'
    Last year, more than 200 students volunteered to take part in the UNH Day of Service. (Lisa Nugent file photo)  
  • 10.29.14 - Family Weekend 2014
    Family Weekend 2014 was the largest family weekend event in UNH history. Thousands of relatives were Wildcats for a weekend. Here's a look at some of the family fun. 
  • Family Weekend 2014 at UNH was the biggest UNH Family Weekend event ever
    10.29.14 - Family Weekend 2014
  • 10.29.14 - The Fine Art of Bike Racks
    Art students are creating public sculptures with a purpose
  • 10.22.14 - The Spirit and Sport of Lumberjacking
    UNH Woodsmen Team Hosts Fall Meet on November 1
      Senior Kendall Edmondson practices her buck saw event. As teammate Trevor Beaudry says, "I don't think there's anything to really replace hitting something really hard with a really sharp axe. There's a certain amount of stress relief that goes along with destroying a piece of timber with a razor sharp instrument."  
  • 10.16.14 - UNH Welcomes New Clinical, Research and Extension Faculty
      The university welcomes 14 new clinical, research and Extension faculty to the community. College of Liberal Arts Betsy Humphreys, Research Assistant Professor, Education Michael Leese, Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Associate, Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies MaryAnn Minard, Clinical Assistant Professor, Education Charlene Westervelt, Clinical Instructor, Education College of Life Sciences and Agriculture