Encore Performances

Encore Performances

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Project 54

Where Project54 Is Now

Named for the 1960s television show "Car 54 Where Are You?", Project54 was developed to operate a patrol car's radio, siren, lights, and radar with voice commands.


Arlene Kies

A Concert Pianist Thrives in the Classroom

A conservatory-trained concert pianist, Arlene Kies is senior lecturer in music at UNH, where, since 1995, she has been teaching music students all the technical aspects of being a pianist: how to play, how to learn music quickly, and how to accompany other instruments and voice.


Professor Tim Quinn (middle) and student researcher Neil Baroody test the running efficiency of shoed and barefoot runners such as Andrew Corrow.

More Speed or Just Sore Feet?

Barefoot running is an increasingly popular – and controversial – movement among dedicated runners. Exercise scientist Tim Quinn and his students look to break some tape of their own by studying the technique's effect on performance.


Kate Frazier '12 with Morocco in the ring.

Taking the Reins

When a glossy brown thoroughbred known as Morocco whinnied and reared up, Kate Frazier ’12 pulled down on the horse’s harness and gave her three firm pats at the base of her muscular neck, saying, “You’re okay. You’re okay.”


Cathleen Turner

"Me, Go to Graduate School?"

That wasn’t always the plan. "I wouldn't have considered going to graduate school without McNair," says Cathleen Turner '12, an environmental science major who participated in the McNair Scholars Program at UNH.



Colin Kelley

Shoeshine Boy

One day, when Colin Kelley '12 was an eighth grader at Hampton Middle School in New Hampshire, his mom gave him a tip about a job opportunity opening up at her place of business, Fisher Scientific, a Hampton-based, healthcare equipment maker.


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