UNHSC BMP Maintenance Workshop

Inspection and Maintenance expectations for Low Impact Development (LID) systems have been a significant barrier to the broad acceptance of LID technologies. Most entities responsible for maintenance of stormwater management systems over the past four decades generally have adopted ad hoc maintenance plans, or performed no system maintenance at all. Since 2002, the University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center (UNHSC) has tested over 33 treatment strategies and logged all inspection hours and maintenance activities. The purpose of this workshop is to document the inspection and maintenance efforts across a range of stormwater management systems. These results demonstrate the realistic maintenance expectations for LID systems in comparison to conventional and manufactured systems. This workshop will include in the field assessments as well as review of data and related maintenance information in a presentation format.

Where are the workshops?

A location has not yet been selected for the workshop.  This website as well as all registered participants will be updated once the specific logistics are finalized

What is the workshop schedule?

9:00-12:00    Travel to various installations, in field presentation, and maintenance demonstrations (locations TBD)

12:00 - 2:00  Working lunch.  History, performance and introduction to inspection and maintenance of Stormwater Systems

Registration and Enrollment

10/15/2014  UNHSC BMP Maintenance Workshop

The registration fee is $75 per person and includes course materials, transportation, and lunch. Checks should be made payable to UNH and mailed to:

UNH Stormwater Center Workshops
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Gregg Hall, Room 214
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Online Registration is now available:

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