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The new UNH Report is now available here.
The University of New Hampshire is committed to building a sustainable, resourceful, and responsible living and learning community. This Web-based report is an integral part of that effort. These pages contain important information about UNH and the many ways it is working to help solve New Hampshire’s and the world’s challenges through research, education, and outreach.

In addition, I encourage you to visit our strategic plan Web pages.
Breaking Silos, Transforming Lives, Reimagining UNH: The University of New Hampshire in 2020 is the result of more than a year’s work by hundreds of faculty, staff, students, and business and community leaders. It is a far-reaching plan that sets an ambitious agenda for the University.

Mark W. Huddleston
University of New Hampshire


Research Helps UNH Reach Out, Connect
The fundamental mission of land grant universities is to apply knowledge to the people they serve, and that connection is central to everything we do here at UNH. Learn more about how research fuels the future.


More N.H. Superstars!
Meet our latest crop of UNH student superstars from every county in New Hampshire. These students, from hometowns across the state, are earning a reputation for excellence while they’re here and will continue to do so in the future. They’ll make you—and all of us—proud. Learn more.


The Big Number: 1.3 billion.
The dollar amount that UNH contributes to New Hampshire’s Gross State Product through University expenditures and the education of a highly skilled workforce. Click on the image on the right to learn more about the many ways UNH contributes to New Hampshire and the world. Learn more.

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