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Financial Report FY08

Year Ended June 30, 2008

The University of New Hampshire is funded by a combination of public and private support. Its largest source of revenue is derived from tuition and fees. As the University looks ahead, maintaining affordability and access for all qualified students, restoring the level of revenues derived from sponsored grants and contracts, and creating a culture of philanthropy in order to build our endowment will be the dominant areas of focus that contribute to a sustainable, resourceful, and responsible University.


I. FY08 Sources of Revenue $481.9 million

1. Tuition and Fees, net of Financial Aid
2. Other Sources, primarily auxiliaries
3. Sponsored Programs & Federal Aid
4. State of N.H. General Appropriations
5. Gifts & Endowment Income

$144.0 million
$125.6 million
$120.4 million
$67.8 million
$24.1 million



II. FY08 Revenue Uses/Expenditures $478.3 million

1. Personnel
2. Supplies and Services
3. Transfers
4. Utilities

$303.7 million
$113.7 million
$46.4 million
$14.5 million



III. Undergraduate Enrollments (UNH Durham and Manchester)

Undergraduate enrollments are strong, and graduate enrollments have increased since FY04 (most notably in professional programs).

Full Time Enrollments at the University of New Hampshire


IV. Sponsored Projects, Proposals, Awards and Expenditures

The rate of growth in sponsored grants and contracts began to slow from previous levels in FY07.

Sponsored Projects at the Universty of New Hampshire


V. Endowment Funds Market Value

Endowment funds have increased by more than 50 percent in the last decade. However due to investment performance in FY08, the value of the UNH endowment has decreased from FY07 levels. The University is committed to creating a culture of philanthropy and building its endowment.
 Endowment Fund Value at The University of New Hampshire


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