College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Student Profiles


Nick BencivengaPreparation of Novel Bifunctional Chelating Ligands: Synthesis and Spectrophotometric CharacterizationChemistry
Josh ChabotNASA TableSatellite IC Experimental Test BedMechanical Engineering
Nick DellasThin Films and Sputter DepositionPhysics
Kirsten Hutchison & Derek PouliotExploring Abstract MathematicsMathematics
Matthew JonesPaleomagnetic Analysis of the Denver Basin’s K/T BoundaryEarth Science
Muhammad IslamActive Noise Control Headset

Electrical Engineering

Thaddaeus WebsterAlgae and Carbon Dioxide: An Amazing Combination to Create BiodieselChemical Engineering


Tamir BlumSpace Exploration Robotics ResearchMechanical Engineering
Joel DanielsFrom Mount Olympus to Capitol HillComputer Science
Andrew LangsnerPotential U.S. Involvement in the Development of SiberiaCivil Engineering
Procheta MallikModeling and Data Inversion Techniques for Solar Neuron DetectorsPhysics
Morgan O’NeillIBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) Star Sensor Calibration & Astrometric TransformationPhysics
Angela PelletierMaking WavesMechanical Engineering
Emmanuel PitiaCreating BiodieselChemical Engineering
Victoria WardCycling of Molecular Hydrogen in Subarctic SwedenEnvironmental Science - Hydrology

Paleomagnetic Analysis of the Denver Basin’s K/T Boundary