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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2015-2016

Special University Programs

Race and Ethnic Studies (RES)

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Race and Ethnic Studies Minor Description 
The race and ethnic studies (RES) minor examines how racial and ethnic categories are created and maintained—politically, socially, and culturally. RES uses critical, interdisciplinary, and comparative approaches to study race relations as they intersect with factors including gender and sexuality, class, religion, and immigration status. The minor prepares students for life and work in a world increasingly characterized by difference derived from racial and ethnic identities.  

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Facilitate understanding of how the social constructions of race affect the social fabric of our historical and contemporary world;
  2. Enhance students' abilities to appreciate differences and to actively and critically engage in civic responsibilities, especially with respect to social justice;
  3. Prepare students to negotiate an increasingly interconnected world and apply their education in a wide range of occupations;
  4. Gain exposure to the theories and methods of ethnic studies;
  5. Compare representations of borderlands, hybridity, migration, and diaspora from different cultures to comprehend how national boundaries, as well as local, national, and transnational cultures and politics, affect the constitution of racial and ethnic categories.

Classes for the RES minor are housed in a variety of departments in the College of Liberal Arts, offering students a truly interdisciplinary experience.

The race and ethnic studies minor consists of five courses or 20 credits. To complete a minor, students are required to:

Additional Information

Classes are approved by the coordinator and announced each semester on the program's website,

After completing the 20-credit sequence, the student submits the Certification of Completion of Minor form, available online or from the RES coordinator. Once this certification is approved by the RES coordinator and major adviser, the form goes to the college dean and the registrar to be recorded on the transcript. The certification form must be completed by the beginning of the student's final semester at the University.

For further information, please contact Jessica Fish, Huddleston Hall room 322, (603) 862-0939, Or visit  for course listings and program details.

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