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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2013-2014

Special University Programs

Race, Culture, and Power (RCP)

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This program of study enables students to develop critical perspectives on the ways in which cultural differentiation and racial formulations have been used to maintain social, economic, and political power and justify inequalities and injustices. Students will engage both U.S. and international perspectives and contexts as they examine how dominant powers use “culture” to maintain subordination and how subordinated peoples use “culture” to resist exploitation.

Students pursuing completion of the program will enroll in an interdisciplinary introductory course (INCO 450, Introduction to Race, Culture, and Power), which examines “race” through multiple lenses and explores how constructions of racial difference underpin and impact the organization of societal institutions, programs, and cultural norms around the U.S. and the world.

The Race, Culture, and Power minor consists of five courses. To complete a minor, students are required to enroll in INCO 450, the introductory course, and they must enroll in at least one approved elective at the 600/700 level. Students must earn a C- or better in each course, and must maintain a 2.0 grade-point average in courses taken for the minor.

Elective Courses
Electives are approved by the coordinator and announced each semester in the Time and Room Schedule. Ordinarily, no more than two electives may be taken from the same academic department. A relevant internship may be substituted for one of the electives. Students should consult with the minor coordinator before registration. For further information, please contact Jessica Fish, Huddleston Hall room 322, (603) 862-0939, Or visit for course listings and program details.

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