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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics


Hospitality Management (HMGT)


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Chairperson: Nelson A. Barber
Professor: Clayton W. Barrows, Daniel E. Innis
Associate Professor: E. Hachemi Aliouche, Nelson A. Barber, Valentini Kalargyrou
Assistant Professor: Daniel A. Remar, Anupama Sukhu
Lecturer: Carl E. Lindblade, Daniel R. Winans

The program in hospitality management is an integral part of the offerings of the Peter T. Paul College. It is one of only a few programs worldwide accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Levering this business school connection, the hospitality management program at UNH will provide a world-class education, personal attention and support, and real-world and international experience, setting students apart from the competition and ensuring they are well prepared for a successful and meaningful career.  

The hospitality management program develops graduates to be senior executives 15 to 20 years from graduation. This is accomplished through personal attention and support, a balanced foundation where students design one-third of their curriculum, training on cutting-edge industry-specific software and technology, career development, mentoring and placement, and the network connection of seasoned alumni in top industry positions. Graduates have accepted management positions in lodging and resorts, food service beverage, event planning and design, software companies, tourism, travel and recreation, among the many potential opportunities.  

An important aspect of the program is the required professional development, which includes practical work experiences, career development, mentoring, and placement, preparing students to be more competitive in the job market and for a successful and rewarding career. Employers look for individuals with relevant industry experience, and this is provided through the required 800 hours of an approved work experience, including a 400-hour professional internship.

The hospitality management program offers a wide range of international education options to study abroad. We have partnered with business schools in countries such as Spain, Australia, Croatia, United Kingdom, and Italy.  

The hospitality management program curriculum comprises foundation courses in hospitality management, business administration courses, and a number of University Discovery Program courses. A wide range of elective courses complement the foundation courses.

To graduate, students must obtain a 2.3 grade-point average in all major required courses and a minimum grade of C- in each major course. Students may earn up to 6 total credits in internships, independent studies, field experience, and supervised student teaching experiences.

A typical plan of study is as follows, showing the requirements of the program. Students complete 16-18 credits per semester, which includes major requirements, electives for the major, Discovery Program requirements, and free electives offered across the college and university.

Freshman Year
HMGT 401, Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
HMGT 404, Professional Development I (1 credit, credit/fail grading)
HMGT 405, Introduction to Food and Service Management
ADMN 405, Freshman Academic Experience I (1 credit, credit/fail grading)
ADMN 406, Freshman Academic Experience II (1 credit, credit/fail grading)
ADMN 403, Computing Essentials for Business (1 credit, credit/fail grading)
ECON 401, Principles of Economics (Macro)
ECON 402, Principles of Economics (Micro)
MATH 420, Finite Mathematics or MATH 424A, Calculus for the Social Sciences
PHIL 430, Ethics and Society

Sophomore Year
HMGT 504, Professional Development II (2 credits) 
HMGT 554, Lodging Operations Management
ADMN 420, Business Statistics
ADMN 502, Financial Accounting
HMGT 618, Uniform Systems for the Hospitality Industry

Junior Year
HMGT 600, Hospitality Marketing Management
HMGT 604, Professional Development III (2 credits)
HMGT 625, Hospitality and Employment Law
HMGT 635, Hospitality Human Resource Management
HMGT 661, Event Design, Planning and Management
ADMN 575, Behavior in Organizations
Hospitality Management Electives

Senior Year
HMGT 655, Hospitality Finance and Development
HMGT 667, Advanced Food and Beverage Operations Management
HMGT 703, Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry (Capstone)
Hospitality Management Electives
Note: In addition to the foundation courses above, three elective courses in hospitality management are required for completion of the hospitality management curriculum. Specializations using these electives are available as follows:

Four Specializations (using HMGT and free electives):

A minor in hospitality management comprises five courses. 
HMGT 401, Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
HMGT 405, Introduction to Food and Service Management
HMGT 554, Lodging Operations Management
HMGT 635, Hospitality Human Resource Management
ADMN 502, Financial Accounting [non-business majors can take ACFI 501]

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