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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

Thompson School of Applied Science


TSAS Mathematics (MTH)

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Lecturer: Stephanie Vander Els-Davis

Mathematic courses fall under the science, math, and technology general education category. Placement in a recommended 3-credit math course is based on a math assessment administered during new student orientation. Either MTH 202, College Algebra, or MTH 203, Algebra and Trigonometry, is required for graduation. Check program of study listings for specific requirements/options for the various program areas. During orientation, if a student is placed in MTH 201, Elementary-Intermediate Algebra, the student may use this course as an elective; it does not fulfill a science/math/technology general education requirement. 

General Education Mathematics Requirement

A math assessment is administered as part of the new student intake process, which is used to make a recommendation regarding a math class that is challenging but not overwhelming to the student. MTH 201, Elementary-Intermediate Algebra, may be recommended to some students. However, this class may NOT be used to fulfill the Thompson School mathematics requirement. Course credits may be used as elective credits; only MTH 202, College Algebra, or a higher math course may be used to fulfill the mathematics graduation requirement.

Students are encouraged to ensure their math skills are at acceptable college levels by using available on-line resources before attending their respective new student orientation.  

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