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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture


Wildlife and Conservation Biology


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Professor: Marianne Klauser Litvaitis, Peter J. Pekins, James T. Taylor
Associate Professor: Thomas D. Lee
Assistant Professor: Adrienne I. Kovach, Rebecca J Rowe
Extension Associate Professor: Matthew D. Tarr

The wildlife and conservation biology program is for students interested in conservation, ecology, and management of wildlife (animals and plants) and their habitats. Coursework provides a solid foundation in biological sciences, chemistry, math, and the natural history and identification of species native to New England.  Students are also introduced to the role of public policy in managing natural resources. While enrolled in the program, students are encouraged to participate in ongoing field and laboratory research being conducted by faculty and graduate students, in addition to obtaining relevant work experience during summers. Upon completion of the degree, students are prepared for employment by state and federal agencies, and non-governmental organizations working as biologists, conservation law officers, and educators. The four-year program also provides a solid foundation for graduate school.

Freshman Year
NR 400, Professional Perspectives in Natural Resources
BIOL 411, Introductory Biology: Molecular and Cellular
BIOL 412, Introductory Biology: Evolution, Biodiversity and Ecology
ENGL 401, First-Year Writing
EREC 411, Environmental and Resource Economics Perspectives
MATH 424B, Calculus for Life Sciences, or MATH 420, Finite Mathematics
NR 415, Natural Resources Field Methods
NR 425, Field Dendrology, or PBIO 566, Systematic Botany
NR 433, Wildlife Ecology
Discovery electives

Sophomore Year
BIOL 528, Applied Biostatistics I
CHEM 411, General Chemistry, and BMCB 501, Biological Chemistry
ENGL 501, Introduction to Creative Nonfiction, or ENGL 502, Professional and Technical Writing, or ENGL 503, Persuasive Writing, or CMN 500, Public Speaking
NR 527, Forest Ecology, or BIOL 541, General Ecology
NR 640, Wildlife Population Ecology
NR 655, Vertebrate Biology, or NR 712, Mammology, or ZOOL 542, Ornithology, or ZOOL 710, Ichthyology
Discovery electives

Junior Year
NR 602, Natural Resources and Environmental Policy
NR 650, Conservation Biology
NR 658, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
NR 615, Wildlife Habitats, or NR 603, Landscape Ecology
NR 664, Conservation Genetics, or ZOOL 690, Evolution
NR 625, Physiological Ecology, or ZOOL 625, Animal Physiology, or ZOOL 613, Animal Behavior
Discovery electives

Senior Year
Capstone course
NR 642, Biogeography, or NR 765, Community Ecology, or NR 603, Landscape Ecology
Discovery electives

Course choices for electives and the capstone requirement are provided in the detailed curricular guidelines available from the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment. Do not double count elective courses with courses taken for specific requirements.

Students interested in the wildlife and conservation biology major may consult with the program coordinator, Rebecca Rowe:, (603) 862-2810

General Science Certification
See Department of Education and COLSA/Degrees.

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