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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

College of Liberal Arts


Spanish (SPAN)


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Professor: Lina Lee
Associate Professor: Holly R. Cashman, John M. Chaston, Carmen García de la Rasilla, Lori Hopkins, Jaume Martí-Olivella
Assistant Professor: Daniel Chávez, Scott E. Weintraub
Senior Lecturer: Sarah E. Hirsch, Maria I. Rossi
Lecturer: Jorge Abril Sanchez, Fernando Beleza, Derek Hubbard, Leticia Mantilla, Margarita Muñoz Piña
Principal Lecturer: Linda J. Thomsen

The major in Spanish is offered by the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. It is designed to help students develop proficiency in the Spanish language and an appreciation of the cultural and literary achievements of Hispanic societies around the globe. This dual emphasis on communication and understanding prepares students to live in a world community where Spanish is becoming increasingly important for both personal and professional reasons. In addition, the program offers courses in Portuguese. Students also have the option to complete honors in the major providing they complete the necessary classes and a senior thesis in Spanish.

Students who major in Spanish may prepare themselves for a variety of fields in which proficiency in the Spanish language and knowledge of Hispanic cultures are desirable. Such fields might include international relations, business administration, government, social service, and communications. In addition, students can prepare to teach Spanish at the elementary and secondary levels and in bilingual education programs through the foreign language teacher education program. The undergraduate major also provides a basis for graduate study in preparation for scholarly research and teaching at the college level. When combined with coursework or a dual major in other disciplines, the major prepares students for work in Spanish-speaking areas of the world as well as in bilingual regions of the United States.

The UNH study abroad program in Granada, Spain, open to majors and nonmajors, offers students the opportunity to live and study abroad for a spring semester. A six-week summer immersion program in Costa Rica also is available to students. Financial aid is available for eligible students. Visit,, or contact the departmental program directors for further information.

The Spanish Major
The major consists of a minimum of 40 credits. All coursework required for the Spanish major must be completed with a grade of C or better. Specific course requirements are 1) Spanish language: 631 and 632; 2) five culture, linguistics, and literature electives from the following: 641, 645, 647, 648, 650, 651, 652, 653, 654, 525 or 526*, or equivalent; 3) three courses taught in Spanish at the 700 level. An approved foreign study experience in a Spanish-speaking country of a minimum of one semester is required; a full academic year is highly recommended. The Discovery Program capstone requirement may be fulfilled by completing SPAN 797R, Senior Seminar, in the fall semester or any 700-level Spanish course in the spring semester. Students completing their Discovery capstone in the spring semester must designate one class as their capstone and present their final work in that class at the Undergraduate Research Conference that semester. 

The required minimum overall GPA in major coursework is 2.0.

Candidates for a degree must satisfy all of the University Discovery Program requirements in addition to satisfying the requirements of each individual major program. Bachelor of arts candidates must also satisfy the foreign language proficiency requirement.

Major department courses may not be used to satisfy Discovery category requirements except in the case of a second or dual major. However, majors may use the required study abroad experience to satisfy the World Cultures Discovery category requirement.

*SPAN 525 or 526 may be used to satisfy one of these electives, but students are strongly encouraged to select courses taught in Spanish to meet their major requirements. Only one course taught in English may be counted toward the Spanish major.

The Spanish Minor
The Spanish minor consists of 20 credits in courses numbered 503 and above, including 631 and 632.  At least three courses must be taken in residence at UNH. All coursework required for the Spanish minor must be completed with a grade of C or better and may not be taken pass/fail.

The Latin American Studies Minor
Spanish program faculty coordinate an interdisciplinary minor in Latin American studies. Coursework is drawn not only from the Spanish program, but from other programs across campus, such as anthropology, history, and political science. See the Latin American studies page for more information.

For more information on the major, the minor, and options for the study abroad experience, please see the coordinator of Spanish.

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