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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

College of Liberal Arts


Italian Studies (ITAL)


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Associate Professor: Amy Boylan, Piero Garofalo
Lecturer: Giuseppina Di Filippo, Kristen Swann

The Italian studies program offers courses in Italian language, culture, literature, history, and cinema, as well as courses on Italian American culture. Italian courses can also be used to fulfill Discovery Program requirements and the bachelor of arts foreign language proficiency requirement. In addition to the Italian studies major, an Italian studies minor is available.

The program provides opportunities, including studying in Italy, both to achieve high competence in Italian language and culture and to apply these knowledge skills to other disciplines. The Italian studies program encourages independent and innovative thinking and research so that students may pursue and achieve individualized goals while they prepare for the challenges of thriving in the world community.

Italian Studies Major

The Italian studies major curriculum consists of 10 courses (40 credits) that include:

Requirement Description Credits
Advanced language proficiency ITAL 632, Advanced Conversation and Composition II, or equivalent proficiency 0-24
Sixteen credits minimum at upper level 600-level or above ITAL courses 16+
Study abroad Minimum of one semester approved immersion experience abroad  
Two complementary courses Two courses from approved complementary disciplines of classics, humanities, or similar approved electives. Choose from the electives list below. 8
Discovery capstone requirement Choose one of the following options:
a. Thesis: ITAL 795 or ITAL 796, Independent Study in Italian Language and Literature
b. Seminar: one 700-level ITAL course
c. Internship: ITAL 595A: Practicum
Additional ITAL Any additional ITAL courses that may be needed to reach 40 credits.  

Additional Requirements

List of Complementary Discipline Elective Courses
This list of electives is not exhaustive. Additional courses may be used to satisfy the Italian studies major requirements after consultation with and subject to approval by the adviser.

ARTS 572, Art of the Age of Humanism
ARTS 574, Architectural History
ARTS 677, Early Medieval Art
ARTS 678, Romanesque and Gothic Art Early
ARTS 681, Renaissance Art in Italy
ARTS 682, High Renaissance and Mannerist Art in Italy
ARTS 683, Baroque Art in Southern Europe
ARTS 685, Graphic Art of the Renaissance and Baroque Periods
ARTS 6951, Problems in Visual Arts/Italy

ECON 645, International Economics

EDUC 500, Exploring Teaching

ENGL 619, Critical Approaches to Literature
ENGL 651, Comparative Literature

HIST 500, Introduction to Historical Thinking
HIST 501, Medieval Military History
HIST 521, Origins of Modern Science
HIST 540, Foundations of Medieval History: 300-1300CE
HIST 565, Women in Modern Europe
HIST 640, Holy War in the Holy Land: The Medieval Crusades
HIST 641, Europe after the Black Death
HIST 642, Religious Conflict in Early Modern Europe
HIST 652, Topics in European Intellectual History

LLC 551, Comparative Literature: Masterpieces of World Literature 1
LLC 552, Comparative Literature: Masterpieces of World Literature 2
LLC 791, Methods of Foreign Language Teaching

LING 605, Intermediate Linguistic Analysis

MUSI 501, History and Literature of Music
MUSI 502, History and Literature of Music
MUSI 715, Survey of Opera

NUTR 595, Mediterranean Diet and Culture

PHIL 570, Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 571, Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 580, Modern Philosophy from Descartes to Kant
PHIL 620, 20th Century European Philosophy

POLT 552, Contemporary European Politics
POLT 560, World Politics

Italian Studies Minor
The Italian studies minor is offered by the Department of Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies. It provides students with the opportunity to explore the language, culture, and society of Italy through an interdisciplinary program. The minor consists of five courses. At least four of these courses must be under the ITAL rubric. One course from a related field of study (subject to the approval of the Italian studies adviser) can be counted toward the minor. Students must demonstrate linguistic proficiency at the level of intermediate Italian (ITAL 504 or an equivalent). All courses for the Italian studies minor must be completed with a minimum grade of C. 

The Italian studies minor is advantageous for applicants to graduate and professional schools in Italian, modern languages, linguistics, film, history, theater, philosophy, and law. It is also a valuable asset for careers in economics, international affairs, international business, fashion, teaching, communications, translation, interpretation, government, and Foreign Service.

New students will be assigned to the proper course in consultation with the section coordinator.

Study Abroad
Students may participate in the UNH-in-Italy Program in the medieval city of Ascoli Piceno for a semester, year, or summer (see ITAL 685). The program allows students to register for UNH courses taught by UNH faculty. Students with advanced language skills also may enroll in courses at the University of Ascoli Piceno. Internships are available. There is no language prerequisite.

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