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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

University of New Hampshire at Manchester


English Teaching (ENGLTCH)


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Associate Professor: Gail Fensom, Susanne F. Paterson, Susan A. Walsh
Assistant Professor: Seth Abramson
Senior Lecturer: Robert M. Pugh

English Teaching, (B.A.)
The English Teaching major uses language, literature, and standards-based teaching as a means to explore education.

The English Teaching major is designed for students wishing to teach English or language arts in middle or high schools, grades 5-12. Students learn what the study of English entails and how areas of knowledge and the abilities to read, write, and discuss can best be taught to students in grades 5-12.

This major takes the guesswork out of course selection by clearly delineating the prerequisites necessary for New Hampshire state teaching certification and UNH’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT).

For the English Teaching major at UNH Manchester, students must complete a minimum of 128 credits and satisfy the University’s Discovery Program and foreign language requirements, and complete a minimum of 40 credits in major coursework. The major requirements consist of a minimum of 10 courses, including ENGL 419, two 500-level courses (or one 500-level and ENGL 405), six courses numbered 600 and above and one additional 500-, 600-, or 700-level class of the student's choosing. These 10 courses (40 credits) must include the Diversity requirement and the capstone requirement. The capstone will be a 700-level course designated as such by the instructor in consultation with the student, or the Senior Seminar, ENGL 787. To count toward the major, grades must be C- or above, except ENGL 419, which must be completed with a minimum grade of C. In selecting these courses, students must meet the following distribution requirements:

Program Requirements
ENGL 419, Introduction to Critical Analysis
ENGL 514, Survey of British Literature, 1800-President
ENGL 516, Survey of American Literature, Civil War to Present
An additional 500/600/700-level English course
Two literature courses 600/700 level
ENGL 657, Shakespeare
ENGL 710, Teaching Writing
ENGL 791, English Grammar
ENGL 792, Teaching Literature and Literacy

Combine the English Teaching major with UNH’s renowned MAT, taken at the Manchester campus, and in five years students can be state certified to teach English and Language Arts. With the five-year master’s option, students can apply 12 undergraduate credits to the advanced degree. The English Teaching major includes courses that will introduce students to the Common Core Standards, a nationwide effort now transforming K-12 education.

For more information about the English program, contact Gail Fensom, director of First-Year Writing, (603) 641-4162, or Or contact the UNH Manchester Office of Admissions at (603) 641-4150, or

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