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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

University of New Hampshire at Manchester


Business Administration (Bus)


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Professor: Thomas D. Birch
Associate Professor: Kelly M. Kilcrease
Senior Lecturer: William F. Troy
Lecturer: Jeanne Gerard

Business Administration (A.S.)
Students must complete a minimum of 64 credits to graduate with an associate of science degree in business administration. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation. In addition to completing eight Discovery Program courses and one Inquiry or Inquiry-attribute course within their first 48 earned credits, students must complete seven courses (28 credits) in the major and one elective course.

Required Courses
BUS 400, Introduction to Business
ECN 412, Introduction to Microeconomics
BUS 532, Introduction to Financial Accounting
BUS 533, Introduction to Managerial Accounting

Business Administration Electives
Choose two of the following courses. Students may select electives from 600-level ECN or BUS courses with adviser permission.*

BUS 430, Introduction to Business Statistics
COMP 405, Introduction to Internet and Web Authoring
COMP 515, Multimedia: Introduction and Applications
COMP 520, Database Design and Development
COMP 530, Machine and Network Architecture
CMN 457, Introduction to Language and Social Interaction
CA 450, Public Speaking
ECN 411, Introduction to Macroeconomic Principles
ECN 635, Money, Banking, and Macroeconomic Activity
ECN 640, Business Law and Economics
ECN 650, Economics for Managers
Other 600-level ECN or BUS courses by permission

*Students planning to pursue the B.A. in business should select BUS 430, Introduction to Business Statistics, and ECN 411, Introduction to Macroeconomic Principles.

For more information, contact Bill Troy, program coordinator, at (603) 641-4345, or contact the Office of Admissions.

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