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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

University of New Hampshire at Manchester


General Studies (GenStud)


General Studies (A.A.)
The associate of arts in general studies offers students academic flexibility in a program that combines the foundations of a liberal education and elective courses that satisfy personal interests. The A.A. in general studies is the first two years of a baccalaureate program and all 400-level courses transfer to and fulfill the University’s Discovery requirements. Students who earn an A.A. in general studies have a foundation for continued study in any major while they develop problem-solving skills, cognitive skills, and learning techniques that are vital to a lifetime of learning. Many students begin their college study in the A.A. general studies program. Depending on personal interests and academic goals, students may choose to apply to a baccalaureate degree program prior to completion of the A.A. degree.

To graduate with an associate of arts degree in general studies, students must complete 64 credits, earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0, and fulfill two types of requirements: University Discovery Program and degree requirements. The program includes nine courses from the Discovery Program curriculum. Working with their advisers, students enhance their program of study with elective courses where they can explore their interests and possible baccalaureate degree majors. The last 16 hours of credit must be UNH courses completed following admission and matriculation, unless permission is granted to transfer part of this work from another institution.

The A.A. general studies program includes the following course requirements:
Two writing-intensive courses, one of which must be ENGL 401, First-Year Writing
One course in quantitative reasoning (must be completed within the first 32 credits)
Two courses chosen from two different categories: Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, or Environment, Technology and Society. One must be a lab course.
One course in Historical Perspectives                         
One course in World Culture or Fine and Performing Arts
One course in Social Science
One course in Humanities
Completion of the interdisciplinary core requirement, Humanities I or Humanities II
One Inquiry or Inquiry attribute course, to be completed within the student’s first 48 earned credits
Elective courses

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