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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2014-2015

University of New Hampshire at Manchester


Politics and Society (PS)


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Professor: Thaddeus M. Piotrowski
Associate Professor: Michael Contarino
Assistant Professor: Melinda Negron

Politics and Society (B.A.)
The bachelor of arts degree in politics and society provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of politics. The program emphasizes the many ways in which politics both shapes and is shaped by social, cultural, economic, and historical context. The program explores such issues as the historical context of political processes and ideas, how economics and politics impact one another, and how political ideas are framed, legitimized, de-legitimized, and manipulated in different social contexts.

Politics and society majors develop critical thinking, communication, and research skills essential for careers in government, politics, journalism, diplomacy, and business. Graduates of the program also will be well-prepared for graduate studies in law, political science, sociology, public policy, public administration, business administration, journalism, diplomacy, international relations, and history.

As the University’s urban campus, UNH Manchester is well-positioned to connect students to local, state, and national politics through coursework, research, and internships. Students will have opportunities to work on local and national political campaigns, in local government, and with community organizations for credit as a part of their senior capstone project.

The politics and society program is designed to meet the needs of the region’s diverse student population including traditional-age and older students. Students will fulfill the University’s Discovery Program and major requirements by attending classes either full or part time. Transfer students are encouraged to apply.

For complete more information contact program coordinator Melinda Negron-Gonzales at (603) 641-4364 or; or contact the Office of Admissions.

Program of Study
Students must complete 128 credits to graduate, including 56 credits in the politics and society major.

Students must maintain an overall cumulative GPA of 2.0 and a cumulative GPA in the major of 2.0. No credit toward the major will be given for any course in which the student receives a grade of less than C-. Students also must fulfill the UNH Discovery Program requirements. Up to three courses may be used toward both the politics and society major and UNH Discovery Program requirements. Transfer students must take at least 28 credits in the major at UNH Manchester.

Program Requirements
The politics and society major includes:
Seven 500/600/700 politics and society (PS) or political science (POLT) courses. One must be at the 700 level; must include at least two POLT courses and at least four PS courses

The PS 701 capstone project and interdisciplinary seminar

Students should complete lower-level courses before beginning their upper-level program. Substitutions may be approved with permission of the politics and society program coordinator. Writing-intensive (“W”) courses are included at all levels and will be offered all semesters. Students are encouraged to take a course in statistics and an Inquiry course in a related area.

Required Courses
Six 400-Level Courses
All of the following
POLT 401, Politics and Society
SOC 400, Introductory Sociology
ANTH 411, Global Perspectives on the Human Condition
ECN 411, Introduction to Macroeconomic Principles

One of the following
POLT 402, Introduction to American Government
POLT 403, United States in World Affairs 
PS 407, Politics and Law in Contemporary Society

One of the following
HIST 410, Historical Survey of American Civilization
HIST 405, History of Early America
HIST 406, History of the Modern United States
HIST 422, World History in the Modern Era
HIST 435/436, Western Civilization

Seven 500/600/700-Level POLT or PS Courses
MUST include at least two POLT courses (all UNH POLT courses are approved) and at least four interdisciplinary PS courses. (Up to two SOC courses may substitute for POLT/PS courses, but only if approved by program coordinator)

Current and soon-to-be offered PS courses include:
PS 501, Social and Political-Economic Theory
PS 502, Political Psychology
PS 503, Political Theory and Historical and Social Context
PS 504, Empire, Democracy, and War
PS 505, Political Violence and Terrorism
PS 506, Civil Society and Public Policy
PS 507, Justice, Law, and Politics
PS 508, The Supreme Court in American Society
PS 509, Political and Social Change in Developing Countries
PS 510, The Politics of Food
PS 511, Women and War
PS 651, Selected Topics in Politics and Society
PS 702, International Relations: Interdisciplinary Approaches
PS 703, Dictatorship and Democracy

One Capstone 700-Level PS Course
PS 701W, Senior Project and Interdisciplinary Senior Seminar in Politics and Society

For more information, contact Melinda Negron-Gonzales at or (603) 641-4364.

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