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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

University of New Hampshire at Manchester


English (ENGL)


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Associate Professor: Gail Fensom, Susanne F. Paterson, Susan A. Walsh
Assistant Professor: Seth Abramson
Senior Lecturer: Robert M. Pugh

English (B.A.)
Through the study of a wide variety of literary materials, English majors deepen their understanding of history, culture, language, and human behavior. They also gain skill in writing, reading, and critical thinking.

The faculty of the UNH Manchester English department specializes in American and British fiction, Victorian literature and art, Renaissance drama, interdisciplinary studies, composition, and grammar.

Many upper-level courses are conducted as seminars, and individual conferences with professors are common. When possible, field trips to see local performances of drama and poetry readings are planned in conjunction with specific literature courses.

Job prospects for English majors after graduation are varied. English majors find employment in libraries and museums, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, publishing companies, journalism, the media, marketing, advertising, social work, banking, and many other fields. English graduates also are well prepared to enter graduate study in fields such as law and business.

English Program of Study
For the English major at UNH Manchester, students must complete a minimum of 128 credits and satisfy the University’s Discovery Program and foreign language requirements, and complete a minimum of 40 credits in major coursework. Introduction to Critical Analysis (ENGL 419) must be completed with a grade of C or better. Except for ENGL 419, all courses must be completed with a grade of C- or above in order to count toward the English major.

Major requirements include ENGL 419, two 500-level courses, six courses numbered 600 or above, one course numbered 500 or above, and, of these, one course that qualifies as a Diversity offering, with an overall grade-point average in the major of 2.0 or better. The capstone will be a 700-level course designated as such by the instructor in consultation with the student, or the Senior Seminar, ENGL 787. In selecting these courses, students must meet the following distribution requirements:

ENGL 419, Introduction to Literary Analysis, or ENGL 529, Writing About Literature

Literature before 1800: Either two advanced courses (numbered 600 or above), or one advanced course and ENGL 512 or 513

Literature after 1800: Either two advanced courses, or one advanced course and one course from the following list: ENGL 514, 515, or 516

Total English courses must include ENGL 419, two 500-level courses, six courses numbered 600 and above, one course numbered 500 level and above, and, of these, one must include a Diversity course

A typical first-year program in the first semester consists of First-Year English and three Discovery Program requirements or electives. In the second semester, the student typically would take Introduction to Critical Analysis, an introductory literature course, and two Discovery Program requirements or electives.

Writing Focus for English Majors
The English department offers a writing focus for English majors interested in creative or other specialized types of writing. Students who might be interested include students with an interest in graduate school in English or writing; students thinking about teaching and teaching writing; students considering law school or journalism training; students looking for careers in marketing and advertising; students wanting to write for corporate in-house publications; students thinking about freelance writing for magazines; and students who enjoy creative writing.

Four of the following nine courses are required. Students should take at least one 500-level course before taking 600- and 700-level courses.

English 501, Introduction to Creative Nonfiction
English 502, Technical Writing
English 503, Persuasive Writing
English 623, Essay Writing
English 625/626, Writing Fiction
English 627/628, Writing Poetry
English 710, Teaching Writing
Special Studies in Writing courses will be offered on an occasional basis.

For more information about the English program, contact Susanne Paterson, program coordinator, (603) 641-4115, or Or contact the UNH Manchester Office of Admissions at (603) 641-4150, or

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