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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

University of New Hampshire at Manchester


Business (BUS)


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Professor: Thomas D. Birch
Associate Professor: Kelly M. Kilcrease
Senior Lecturer: William F. Troy
Lecturer: Jeanne Gerard

Business (B.A.)
The bachelor of arts in business has a strong interdisciplinary focus. The curriculum adheres to a philosophy that effective decision making requires a broad understanding of the institutional and cultural climate within which businesses are operating. The program uses the resources of Manchester’s business community and its economic strengths to provide students with skills, knowledge, and opportunities.

The business program offers areas of focus in accounting, business economics and political economy, business and technology, management, marketing, and human resource management. Students with a unique interest can create a self-designed concentration with approval of their adviser and the coordinator of the business program.

A culminating capstone experience enables students to apply their knowledge in the form of an internship, applied senior project, or special topics seminar. Because this is a bachelor of arts program, students fulfill the foreign language requirement. Students have the opportunity to enhance fluency through community experiences and internships. Graduates of UNH Manchester’s business program are in demand because they offer future employers a portfolio of practical and theoretical knowledge and experience combined with effective communication and leadership skills.

Program of Study
Students must complete 128 credits to graduate. Each required course must be completed with a minimum grade of C-. Students must attain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in major courses required for graduation. Majors cannot use BUS 430, ECN 411, or ECN 412 to satisfy both Discovery Program and major requirements. Transfer students must complete at least half of their credits in the major and the 8-credit capstone experience in residence at UNH Manchester.

Introductory Business Core Courses (8 courses)
BUS 400, Introduction to Business
ECN 411, Introduction to Macroeconomic Principles
ECN 412, Introduction to Microeconomic Principles
COMP 411, Introduction to Computer Applications
COMP 510, Fundamentals of Computer Information Systems
BUS 430, Business Statistics
BUS 532, Financial Accounting
BUS 533, Managerial Accounting

Intermediate Business Core (3 courses)
BUS 610, Marketing Principles and Applications
BUS 620, Organizational Behavior
BUS 601, Financial Management

Business Capstone Experience (two courses: BUS 705 and one senior business seminar [BUS 750 or 760], fulfills the Discovery Program capstone requirement for business majors and is taken during the senior year)

BUS 705, Business Ethics and
BUS 750, Business Internship Seminar, or BUS 760, Applied Senior Project 

Note: Because this is a bachelor of arts program, students must fulfill a language requirement. Efforts will be made to enhance fluency through subsequent courses and community experiences.

Areas of Study

Four courses from the following:
BUS 603, Intermediate Financial Accounting I
BUS 615, Intermediate Financial Accounting II
BUS 629, Advanced Managerial Accounting
BUS 710, Federal Taxation 
BUS 720, Auditing 

Business Economics and Political Economy
Four courses from the following (including at least one course at 600 level or above):
POLT 401, Politics and Society
POLT 403, United States in World Affairs
POLT 560, World Politics
ECN 640, Business Law and Economics
ECN 625, Regulation of Business
ECN 635, Money, Banking and Macroeconomic Activity
ECN 650, Economics for Managers
ECN 670, Public Sector Economics
HUMA 412, Industry and Welfare
POLT 762, International Political Economy
BUS 690, Internship
BUS 695, Independent Study

Business and Technology
Four courses from the following:
COMP 405, Introduction to the Internet and Web Authoring
COMP 425, Computing Fundamentals
COMP 515, Multimedia: Introduction and Applications
COMP 520, Database Design and Development
COMP 550, Networking Concepts

Four courses from the following:
BUS 453, Leadership for Managers
BUS 550, Business Law
BUS 630, International Management
BUS 650, Operations Management
ECN 650, Economics for Managers

Four courses from the following:
A. At least three must be from marketing
BUS 565, Selling & Sales Management
BUS 661, Integrated Marketing Communications
BUS 663, Services Marketing & Operations Management
BUS 665, International Marketing Strategy Management

B. May also include one course from:
BUS 675, Special Topics: Negotiations
BUS 695, Independent Study (Marketing/Communication Project)
BUS 690, Internship (in Marketing or Communication)
COMP 405, Internet & Web Authoring

Human Resource Management
BUS 455, Management of Human Resources
BUS 520, Training and Development
BUS 640, Business Communication and Conflict
BUS 660, Employment and Labor Law

Self Designed
Four courses (or 16 credit hours) with faculty approval, including at least one course at 500 level or above.

For more information, contact Bill Troy, program coordinator, at (603) 641-4345 or, or contact the Office of Admissions.

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