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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences


Bioengineering (BENG)


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Chairperson: Russell T. Carr
Professor: Dale P. Barkey, Russell T. Carr, Palligarnai T. Vasudevan
Associate Professor: Nivedita R. Gupta, Xiaowei Teng
Assistant Professor: Jeffrey M. Halpern, Kyung Jae Jeong, Harish Vashisth, Kang Wu, Nan Yi
Lecturer: Adam St. Jean
Adjunct Faculty: Deborah Audino

Bioengineering, as defined by the NIH, is "the application of life sciences, mathematics, and engineering principles to define and solve problems in biology, medicine, health care, and other fields."

The bioengineering program will train graduates in biology and physiology as well as engineering. The program will provide graduates with capabilities in advanced mathematics (including differential equations and statics), science, and engineering. Graduates will be conversant with solving problems at the interface of biology and engineering that may arise in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, as well as medicine and biofuels. By graduation, students will have experience measuring and interpreting data from living systems and addressing the interactions between living and non-living materials.

Students are required to obtain a minimum 2.0 grade-point average in CHE 501/502 and in overall standing at the end of the sophomore year in order to continue in the major. Study abroad (Exchange) students are required to have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better in math, physics, chemistry, and other required courses at the end of the semester prior to their exchange semester.

For more information on the bioengineering program, please contact Russell Carr, professor and chair,


Freshman Year

Abbreviation Course Number Title Fall Spring
CHE   400   Freshmen Seminar   1   -  
MATH   425-426   Calculus I and II   4   4  
CHEM   405   General Chemistry   4   -  
GEN   604   Genetics     4  
PHYS   407   Physics I   -   4  
BIOL   410   Cellular Biology   3   -  
ENGL   401   Freshman English   -   4 WI  
Discovery Program Elective (1)       4    
TOTAL       16   16  

1. CHEM 405 satisfies the Discovery Physical Science (with lab) category. Bioengineering students cannot take CHEM 401, CHEM 402, or CHEM 409 toward degree requirements.

2. MATH 425 satisfies the Discovery Foundation Quantitative Reasoning category.

3. ENGL 401 satisfies the Discovery Foundation Writing Skills category.


Sophomore Year

Abbreviation Course Number Title Fall Spring
CHE   501-502   Introduction to Chemical Engineering I and II   3   3 INQ  
MATH   527   Differential Equations with Linear Algebra   4   -  
CHEM   545/546   Organic Chemistry/Lab   -   5  
MATH   644   Statistics for Engineers and Scientists   -   4  
BMS   503   Microbiology/Lab   5   -  
Discovery Program Elective (2)       4   4  
TOTAL       16   16  


Junior Year

Abbreviation Course Number Title Fall Spring
CHE   601   Fluid Mechanics   3   -  
CHE   604   Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics   -   3  
CHE   762   Biomedical Engineering   4 WI    
CHE   761   Biochemical Engineering     4  
ZOOL   625/626   Physiol/Lab   5 WI   -  
BMCB   658-659   General Biochemistry/Lab   -   5  
BENG   766   Biomaterials   4   -  
Program Elective (1)       -   4  
TOTAL       16   16  

Senior Year

Abbreviation Course Number Title Fall Spring
BENG   763-764   Bioengineering Design I and II   1   4 WI  
CHE   614   Separations   -   3  
Discovery Program Electives (2)       4   4  
Bioengineering Electives (2)       4   4  
Bioengineering Electives (2)       8   -  
TOTAL       17   15  

33 credits engineering, 16 credits math, 14 credits chemistry, 13 credits life science 

Five electives: 15 to 16 credits engineering; 4 credits science, math, or engineering

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