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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture


Wetland Ecology

Students in biology, environmental conservation studies, forestry, plant biology, environmental sciences, wildlife and conservation biology, and related majors should consider obtaining a minor in wetland ecology. There is a strong demand among consulting firms, private conservation groups, and state and federal agencies for employees with knowledge and experience relevant to wetland resource management.  The minor consists of 20 credits (totaling five courses) with grades of C- or better, and no pass/fail courses. No more than 8 credits used to satisfy major requirements may be used for the minor.

NR 504 Freshwater Resources, or NR 703 Watershed Water Quality Management
NR 711, Wetland Ecology and Management

One more field-based course with a wetlands focus:
NR 716, Wetland Delineation 
NR 719, Wetlands Restoration and Mitigation
ZOOL 708, Stream Ecology 
MEFB 525, Introduction to Aquatic Botany, or PBIO 747, Aquatic Plants in Restoration, Management, and Conservation

PBIO 566, Systematic Botany
PBIO 722, Marine Phycology
GEN 713, Microbial Ecology and Evolution
NR 527, Forest Ecology
NR 765, Community Ecology
NR 751, Aquatic Ecosystems
NR 425, Field Dendrology
NR 501,  Studio Soils
NR 602, Natural Resources and Environmental Policy
NR 621, Field Description of Soils
NR 706, Soil Ecology
ZOOL 725, Marine Ecology

For additional information, contact David Burdick, (603) 862-4523.