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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

College of Liberal Arts


Asian Studies Minor

To appreciate the Asian peoples—their languages, their history, their society, their political/economic systems—and the Asian experiences in the United States, the Asian studies minor is designed to be broadly inclusive. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in Asian languages classes at UNH as well as explore Asian courses at other U.S. and Asian institutions. 

To complete the minor in Asian Studies, students are required to take five courses (20 credits) or their equivalent, and no more than three can be counted from any one of the following disciplines:

Anthropology (ANTH)
Asian American or South Asian Literature (ENGL)
Geography (GEOG)
History (HIST)
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (either CHIN or JPN)
Philosophy (PHIL)
Political Science (POLT)

For further information, please contact LU Yan, coordinator, Department of History, 412 Horton Social Science Center, e-mail, or call (603) 862-1764/3025.

The following are a list of courses that count toward the minor. Please note additional courses may also count. Visit the program website for the most up-to-date information.

ANTH 500E, People and Cultures of South Asia
ANTH 501E, World Prehistory: Asia
ARTS 697, Arts of the Far East
CHIN 400, Conversational Chinese
CHIN 401/2, Elementary Chinese
CHIN 425, Introduction to Chinese Culture and Society
CHIN 503/4, Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 521, Chinese Literature in Translation
CHIN 632, Advanced Chinese II
CHIN 795/96, Independent Study in Chinese
CLAS 413/4, Elementary Sanskrit
ENGL 581, Introduction to Postcolonial Literatures in English
ENGL 616C, Asian American Film
ENGL 738, Topics in Asian American Studies
ENGL 750, Asian American Literature
ENGL 777, Postcolonial Novel
FS 444, We Don't All Play Violin
FS 773, International Perspectives on Children and Families
GEOG 530, Geography of China
HIST 425, Chinese Civilization
HIST 444G, Voices from Modern China
HIST 579, History of China in Modern Times
HIST 580, History of Japan in Modern Times
HIST 681, Modern China Topics
HIST 797, Colloquium: American Century in Asia
HIST 797, Colloquium: Chinese-Western Encounters
JPN 401/2, Elementary Japanese
JPN 425, Introduction to Japanese Culture and Civilization
JPN 503/4, Intermediate Japanese
JPN 631/2, Advanced Japanese
JPN 795/6, Independent Study in Japanese
PHIL 520, Introduction to Eastern Philosophy
POLT 403H: U.S. in World Affairs: Asia
POLT 545, People and Politics in Asia
POLT 546, Wealth and Politics in Asia
POLT 556, Politics in China
POLT 566, Foreign Policies in Asia and the Pacific
POLT 569, Chinese Foreign Policy
POLT 797, Seminar in Chinese Politics