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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2014-2015

University of New Hampshire at Manchester


Education Minor

A minor consists of 20 credits in education department courses. A methods course located in another department may be counted for four of these 20 credits (e.g., ARTS 791 or 792, ENGL 792, MATH 621, 701, 702, 791, etc.).

Although any 20 credits of education courses can be used toward a minor, the following courses are strongly recommended:

EDUC 500, Exploring Teaching
EDUC 700, Educational Structure and Change
EDUC 701, Human Development and Learning:  Educational Psychology
EDUC 703, Alternative Teaching Models (Methods Course)
EDUC 705, Alternative Perspectives on the Nature of Education

Note: EDUC 507, Mentoring Adolescents, is a 2-credit course with a full year commitment; therefore, students may use a total of 4 credits to count toward a minor in education.

Note: No more than two transferred courses in education, or a closely-related area, from another college or university may be used toward a minor in education.  A 3-credit course transferred from another school will count for 3 credits at UNH, not 4 credits.

For more information, contact the UNH Manchester Education Office at (603) 641-4163.