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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2015-2016

University of New Hampshire at Manchester


Computer Information Systems Minor

The minor requires five CIS courses (20 credit hours). Students must earn grades of at least C- in each course and maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 in minor courses. Transfer students may transfer up to two courses, subject to the approval of the minor supervisor. Courses taken on a pass/fail basis may not be used for the minor. No more than 8 credits used by the student to satisfy major requirements may be used in the minor.

Three courses from the following:
COMP 411, Introduction to Computer Applications
COMP 405, Introduction to the Internet and Web Authoring
COMP 415, Mobile Computing First and For Most
COMP 425, Introduction to Programming
COMP 510, Fundamentals of Computer Information Systems
COMP 515, Multimedia: Introduction and Applications

Two courses from the following, at least one of which must be at the 600 level or above:
COMP 505, Advanced Web Authoring
COMP 520, Database Design and Development
COMP 542, Operating System Applications
COMP 550, Networking Concepts
COMP 620, Network Administration and Maintenance
COMP 630, Advance Application Programming
COMP 640, Human Computer Interaction
COMP 705, Web Applications Development
COMP 715, Information Security
COMP 720, Database Application Development

Other 600- or 700-level courses in CIS may be substituted with the permission of the CIS program coordinator. Students must seek permission of the minor supervisor to enroll in courses that have prerequisites.

For more information, contact Michael Jonas, minor supervisor, at (603) 641-4352 or e-mail