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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences


Bachelor of Arts

Programs leading to a bachelor of arts degree are offered in the departments of chemistry, earth sciences, mathematics, and physics. These programs provide a broad liberal education along with a major in one of these fields. See University Academic Requirements for requirements for the bachelor of arts degree.

Earth Science Teaching
Earth Sciences

Bachelor of Science

The programs leading to the bachelor of science degree, offered in each of the departments of the college, emphasize students' preparation for a professional career and continuing or graduate education.

The degree requirements for the bachelor of science include the University Academic Requirements and the specific departmental requirements for graduation. A minimum grade-point average of 2.0 must be achieved. Graduation credit requirements established by the departments range from 128 to 134. There are entrance requirements in some programs, and it is not possible to guarantee all change-of-major requests.

Chemical Engineering*
        Environmental Engineering
Civil Engineering*
Computer Engineering*
Computer Science*
Earth Sciences
        Climate Science
Electrical  Engineering*
Engineering Physics
Environmental Engineering*†
        Municipal Process
Environmental Sciences*
Information Technology
Mathematics, Applied
        Dynamics and Controls
        Fluid Dynamics
        Solid Mechanics and Vibrations
Mathematics Education*
        Middle/Junior High
Mechanical Engineering*
Ocean Engineering
        Chemical Physics
        Materials Science

*Designated degree (the name of the specialization is on the diploma, e.g., B.S. in chemistry)
†Multidisciplinary; e.g., offered in collaboration with two departments