Happy Thoughts

George Collins Signature

"Oh, if exams were only over." Lawrence M. True '21

"What a boy Quimby is with the Co-eds. Quimby is some heartbreaker. Just ask the girls in Newmarket." Oliver J. "Hub" Hubbard '21 Read more about Oliver Hubbard.

"Does Quimby go to the dances? I'll say he does." Frederic K. "Johnnie" Johnson '22

"Quimby, the handy man with the chickens." Raymond C. Brown ' 22

"Rejoice today for tomorrow we die. Tests – Tests – Tests!" Percy F. "Aggie Shark" Ayer

"ADVICE. Women and informals make N.H. go round. Yours till Niagara Falls." Roscoe L. "Squirt" Northey '22

"Cheer up Quimby. In four years you'll be a real 'hen man.'" Leonard J. Marshall '22

"EE is a good course for those who are superhuman." Edward F. Rumazza

"But the beach ain't far from the farm! Oh you chickens!" Sam E. Stearn

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