Welcome class of 2017!

About 2875 new Wildcats moved in today! Tell us about your first day on Facebook and Twitter. Follow us at @UofNH @UNHstudents Hashtags: #UNHSocial #UNH #UNH17 #instaUNH

Watch UNH Move-In in 6 seconds on Vine!

Photos by Bridget Finnegan, New and Emerging Media.
Vine and all Social Media by Jason Boucher, UNH Social Media Director.

  • Chalk on brick wall reading Wildcat Country Welcomes you!

  • Young women in blue and pink shirts smile for the camera.

  • A young man carries a grey plastic box.

  • A UNH mom and her daughhter smiling.

  • A female volunteer poses in a green shirt.

  • A dad and daughter drag suitcases along the sidewalk.

  • A small group of volunteers hold up a shirt with #UNHsocial on it

  • Exterior shot of Haaland Hall

  • A male volunteer and a new male student shake hands

  • An exterior shot of the MUB with a sign reading 200 student orgs, which one will you join

  • Two police officers holding a #UNHSocial shirt

  • A daughter and mom standing by a sign reading Welcome to the upper quad

  • Button showing UNH Dad

  • A male volunteer in a green shirt greets parents and new students in cars

  • two female volunteers carry large cardboard boxes to a recycling bin

  • A montage showing the loading doors of Christensen Hall

  • two volunteers carry stuff up the stairs to Fairchild

  • International students pose in front of Fairchild Hall

  • A sign reads Recycle Cardboard Here

  • Two female staff members hand out UNH Mom and UNH Dad buttons

  • Chalk on pavement reads Class of 2017

  • Photo montage of student volunteers in green shirts walking into a dorm