Leah Woods Woodworking Class

final projects for woodworking class

Student solutions for the table project. (Plus a couple of other things.) Review the process.

  • small round wooden table with two types of wood and a curved leg to a square base.

    "My table concept is really about snap decision making. That is to say that my table looks barely similar to the original design that I had planned for it. With time constraints and other projects taking priority, the design changed daily, for example the table top went from a multi-pieced rotatable part, to a solid, single piece. The original idea of three legs became just one with a solid base. (This happened two days just before it was due!) I think though, in making these quick decisions on my table, I was better able to take in advice from other people, whether it be my instructors or classmates. I was able to make the changes quickly enough and stick with these decisions, so that I wouldn't have to rethink my original idea to be satisfied with the table. I ended up with a piece of work that tells its own little story and impresses people enough to make them think and come up with their own ideas about it."

    —David Waste

  • wooden table with curved laminated legs

    Table by Mike Jeffers

  • wooden table with curved legs

    "My table was focused on the concept of on explosion, or radiation, which explains the curved legs coming from the center, and also the grain pattern which is "exploding" from the middle of the table top. The tabletop itself had ten mortise and tenon joints, out of the total 24 that were used to put the table together. I made the legs of the table first before I made the tabletop. The + shaped horizontals that connect the legs on the bottom are made of red oak wood. The rest of the table is white ash."

    — Karen Mawikere

  • square wooden table/box light

    Table by Celina Wilt

  • wooden table

    Table by Alex Chelstowski

  • wooden table with crossing legs

    Table by Evelyn Weston

  • wooden table with two colors of wood

    Table by Haley Barbuto

  • triangular wooden table

    Table by Alana Fallon

  • wooden table

    Table by Taylor Wright

  • wooden box shaped like robot

    The final result of an earlier project where the students were asked to build a box. Robot Box by Celina Wilt.

  • wooden box shaped like leaves and gears

    Another clever box solution by David Waste.

  • ooden box shaped like leaves and gears

    Another view. When turned the gears open the dark wood covers on the leaves.

Photography by Leah Woods and Nathan Hansen. Slideshow by Bridget Finnegan, New and Emerging Media.