Gnarlz Goes to Hollywood

Dateline: Hollywood. Few know how he did it. But the University of New Hampshire's robust mascot, Gnarlz, recently disappeared for several days from his home near the Zamboni entrance in the Whittemore Center Arena in Durham, N.H. Reported missing, he finally surfaced around various locations in tinsel town U.S.A.– better known as Hollywood. His disappearance was a mystery.

Until now. UNH Today was given access to Gnarlz' private diary and photos from that adventure, which we are now making available exclusively to our readers.

Want more photos of Gnarlz in LA?

Slideshow by Dave Moore, Editorial and Creative Services, Amber Lilyestrom, UNH Athletics and Bridget Finnegan, UNH New and Emerging Media. Photos by Amber Lilyestrom, UNH Athletics.

Gnarlz in front of the Hollywood sign.

California, here I come! Time for my big break! Look out Hollywood...

Gnarlz strikes a pose in front of the Beverly Hills town limit sign.

I wish Mike O'Malley had been a little more specific about where in Beverly Hills he would meet with me to discuss my treatment for Born to be Wildcat. Still, this seemed like a good spot. "Hey, honk if you love muscles!"

Gnarlz and LA Kings Cheerleaders

What is it with me and hockey chicks? I mean hockey sticks. My agent told me that out here you have to meet 637 people before you catch a break. What better stop than the home arena of the new Stanley Cup Champions!

Gnarlz plays basketball.

Wildcats can jump!

Gnarlz and Mickey Mouse

To eat or not to eat? That is the question.

Gnarlz and statue of Wayne Gretzky

What better way to get with greatness than to pose by a statue of The Great One, Wayne Gretsky! I didn't realize he looked so much like Harrison Ford.

Gnarlz and Transformer

Took a meeting with Bumble Bee today. Optimus Prime was booked. I think his act would work back in Durham. Funny, he/she looks bigger in the movies. Offered her/him the role as a Zamboni in my movie.

Gnarlz at Mann's Chinese Theater

Hey, we have a Confucius Institute in Durham, too.

Gnarlz and alum

Met with a UNH alum on Venice Beach.

Gnarlz hits the beach.

My audition for Bay Watch was a total bust. There must be a Marcy Carsey Production somewhere I could star in?

Gnarlz hits the beach.

Well...I've reached the Pacific. It's been real California, but not only can't you take the New Hampshire out of a Wildcat, you can't take the Wildcat out of New Hampshire.