Pathways Mentoring Program Guide

For 2015-2016 Pairs

Pathways is a collaborative effort of the University Advising and Career Center, the Alumni Association, and the Colleges, and provides:

  • A  mentoring program which brings together alumni professionals and UNH students.
  • A forum for alumni to share their knowledge of the “real world” and provide insight on launching students’ post-UNH plans.
  • The opportunity for students to develop career networks and skills to become better professionals and leaders.

Time Commitment & Logistics

  • On campus meetings/dinner:
    • Kick-Off DInner - Thursday, September 17, 2015, 6-7:30pm - Holloway Commons @ Piscataqua Room
    • Networking Night! - Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - MUB @ Strafford Room, 6-8PM 
    • Finale Dinner - April 2016- Day TBD, 6-7:30pm- Holloway Commons @ Piscataqua Room
  • Monthly meetings arranged by mutual convenience of each pair. Face-to-face is best, however telephone, Skype, email, various types of social media may be used as well.
  • Monthly check-in forms need to be completed by one member of the pair and submitted each month.

Goals and Expectations of Pathways

Student Goals

  • Gain career insight from successful UNH alumni.
  • Prepare for the “real world” and its professional challenges.
  • Experience the give and take of career-oriented feedback.
  • Learn the value of mentoring relationships and how to utilize mentors throughout life.

Student Expectations

  • Maintain a professional demeanor at all times.
  • Meet or speak with your mentor monthly.
  • Fill out the monthly check-in form.
  • E-sign the mentoring agreement and honor confidentiality terms.
  • Attend both on-campus meetings/dinners (if possible).
  • Contribute equally to the mentorship by suggesting goals and topics of interest to you.  Help your mentor to help you.
  • Communicate proactively with your mentor.  Do not rely on him/her to facilitate the process.
  • Develop short and long-term career goals and identify action steps to attain those goals.
  • Contact your Pathways Team if you have questions or issues.
  • Respect and appreciate your mentor’s  time and knowledge with thank you notes/emails.

Alumni Goals

  • Make a difference in the life and career of a UNH undergraduate.
  • Connect with alma mater in a personal way.
  • Take advantage of a valuable opportunity to “give back.”
  • Encourage bright young students to become future leaders.
  • Network with fellow alumni.

Alumni Expectations

  • Maximize this opportunity to make a difference and engage fully with your student.
  • Meet or speak with your mentee monthly.
  • E-sign the mentoring agreement and honor confidentiality terms.
  • Attend the two on-campus meetings/dinners if possible.
  • Encourage inquiry from the student.
  • Assist your student in the development of short and long-term career goals and the subsequent action steps to attain those goals.
  • Contact your Pathways Team if you have questions or issues.

Tips for Successful Communication

  • You may find you use a variety of ways to connect; phone, email, texting, social media, etc..  We recommend that you come to agreement about what methods you plan to use at the beginning of the program.
  • Pre-establish methods and parameters for contact; home, work, day, evening, weekends.
  • Be prompt in responding to voicemails, texts, emails, etc.  Professional standards recommend responding within 24 hours, even if it is to say that you are still working on a more detailed response.
  • Electronic communication is fast and efficient but can make enthusiasm and emotion hard to decipher.  A brief response from an at-that-moment busy person could be misconstrued as a brush-off or lack of interest. Plan to follow-up soon with a more detailed and professional form of communication.

Discussion Library

  • We respect that each pair will be unique, each working on different goals in varying ways.  
  • To help guide your work we have created the Discussion Library. 
  •  We encourage you to discuss topics of your own in addition to, or in place of, those we have suggested.


 Questions or Concerns?

Don’t hesitate to contact any of us on the Pathways Team  if you have questions or concerns, or if communication drops off between your mentee/mentor.

Raina Sarvaiya: 603.862.2373 -

Megan Hales: 603.862.2897 -

Robin Hess: 603.862-5343 - 

Nicole MacMillan: 603.862.0997 -

Leslie Scarsilloni: 603.862.0910 -

Brandon Thomas: