Networking - Your Pitch

What it is

  • A pitch is a brief, concise, carefully planned, and well-practiced description that summarizes your skills, interests and goals which you could deliver to a person who could help you with your job search

  • Get across the information in no more than 60 seconds


What to include

  • What you want them to know about you

  • What distinguishes you from other students

  • What your immediate goals are

  • A question or hook to start the conversation


Creating a Pitch Worksheet

  • Name:

  • Major:

  • Minors/Option/Concentration:

  • Prior Relevant Experience (field work, paid or unpaid experiences, civic engagement, leadership experiences, etc.):

  • What are you particularly good at – relevant skills:

  • Goal (short-term & focused):


Pull the above information together into a script, such as:

Hello, my name is _____. I’m pursuing my degree in _____ at UNH.  My career interests include _____ and I would someday love to _____. So, this year I am looking for a _____ where I can gain a well-rounded experience in  and also get involved in _____. Can you tell me about your _____ and how your organization is successful doing _____?


Draft out your pitch and practice it with someone.