Potential Careers for Your Major

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MajorCollegePotential Careers
Animal ScienceCOLSAPotential Careers
Animal Science: Dairy ManagementCOLSAPotential Careers
AnthropologyCOLAPotential Careers
Arts, The: Art HistoryCOLAPotential Careers
Arts, The: Studio ArtCOLAPotential Careers
Athletic TrainingCHHSPotential Careers
Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular BiologyCOLSAPotential Careers
BioengineeringCEPSPotential Careers
BiologyCOLSAPotential Careers
Biomedical Science
     Medical Laboratory Science,
     Medical Microbiology,
     Medical and Veterinary Sciences
COLSAPotential Careers
Business Administration
     Accounting, Entrepreneurial Venture Creation,
     Finance, Information Systems Management,
     International Business and Economics,
     Management, Marketing, Student Design
PAULPotential Careers
Chemical EngineeringCEPSPotential Careers
ChemistryCEPSPotential Careers
Civil EngineeringCEPSPotential Careers
ClassicsCOLAPotential Careers
     Media Practices, Business Applications options
COLAPotential Careers
Communication Sciences and DisordersCHHSPotential Careers
Community and Environmental PlanningCOLSAPotential Careers
Computer ScienceCEPSPotential Careers
Computer EngineeringCEPSPotential Careers
Earth SciencesCEPSPotential Careers
EcoGastronomy (Dual Major)COLSA/PAULPotential Careers
EconomicsPAULPotential Careers
Electrical EngineeringCEPSPotential Careers
English COLAPotential Careers
English LiteratureCOLAPotential Careers
English Teaching COLAPotential Careers
English/JournalismCOLAPotential Careers
Environmental and Resource EconomicsCOLSAPotential Careers
Environmental Conservation and SustainabilityCOLSAPotential Careers
Environmental EngineeringCEPSPotential Careers
Environmental SciencesCOLSAPotential Careers
Equine StudiesCOLSAPotential Careers
European Cultural StudiesCOLAPotential Careers
ForestryCOLSAPotential Careers
FrenchCOLAPotential Careers
French StudiesCOLAPotential Careers
GeneticsCOLSAPotential Careers
GeographyCOLAPotential Careers
GermanCOLAPotential Careers
GreekCOLAPotential Careers
Health Management and PolicyCHHSPotential Careers
HistoryCOLAPotential Careers
Hospitality ManagementPAULPotential Careers
Human Development and Family StudiesCHHSPotential Careers
HumanitiesCOLASee Art, English, Classics,
Languages, Philosophy
Information TechnologyCEPSPotential Careers
International Affairs (Dual Major)ALLPotential Careers
Justice Studies (Dual Major)COLAPotential Careers
Kinesiology: Exercise ScienceCHHSPotential Careers
Kinesiology: Outdoor EducationCHHSPotential Careers
Kinesiology: Physical EducationCHHSPotential Careers
Kinesiology: Sport StudiesCHHSPotential Careers
LatinCOLAPotential Careers
LinguisticsCOLAPotential Careers
Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater BiologyCOLSAPotential Careers
Mathematics & Statistics
     Mathematics, Mathematics Education,
     Statistics, Applied Mathematics
CEPSPotential Careers
Mechanical EngineeringCEPSPotential Careers
     Music Liberal Studies, Music Composition,
     Performance Study, Preteaching
COLAPotential Careers
Neuroscience and BehaviorCOLSA, COLAPotential Careers
NursingCHHSPotential Careers
     Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics, Wellness
COLSAPotential Careers
Occupational TherapyCHHSPotential Careers
PhilosophyCOLAPotential Careers
PhysicsCEPSPotential Careers
Political ScienceCOLAPotential Careers
PsychologyCOLAPotential Careers
Recreation Management and Policy:
Program Administration
CHHSPotential Careers
Recreation Management and Policy:
Therapeutic Recreation
CHHSPotential Careers
RussianCOLAPotential Careers
Social WorkCHHSPotential Careers
SociologyCOLAPotential Careers
SpanishCOLAPotential Careers
Sustainable Agriculture and Food SystemsCOLSAPotential Careers
     General Theatre, Acting, Dance,
     Design & Theatre Technology,
     Musical Theatre, Youth Drama,
     Secondary Education in Theatre
COLAPotential Careers
Wildlife and Conservation BiologyCOLSAPotential Careers
Women's StudiesCOLAPotential Careers
ZoologyCOLSAPotential Careers