Posting Non-Paid Internships @ UNH

Important Information About Posting Non-Paid Internships at UNH

If you are offering a non-paid or sub-minimum wage internship, you need to receive approval through the New Hampshire Department of Labor (NH DOL) before your opportunity can be posted through the UNH Career Center.

Paid vs. Non-Paid Internships

The primary factor for students about what internship they choose to pursue is how closely the experience fits their job/career interests and goals.  After that, the next factor often considered by most students is whether the opportunity provides an hourly wage.

  • If you offer a paid internship that is equivalent or greater than the NH Minimum Wage of $7.25, it is likely you will generate much more student interest – you also do not need to apply to the NH DOL for approval regarding a ‘non-paid work based activity’.

Academic Credit for an Internship

Even if you offer to work with our faculty to help evaluate a student who wants to earn academic credit, you still need to receive approval from the NH DOL.

UNH students also need to pay for any academic credit they earn, inside or outside the classroom, so if you require them to earn academic credit that they don’t need in order to graduate and complete their degree, they may be less interested in your opportunity.  

NH DOL Forms and Approval Process

  • If you’re offering a non-paid internship, please go to the NH DOL School-to-Work Forms page to complete and submit the ‘Pre-Screening Form’ under the School-to-Work section of the FAQ page to begin consideration by the NH DOL.   For the ‘School Coordinator’ section of this form, insert ‘Jason Whitney’ and include the UNH phone and fax information below. 
  • The second step in the approval process is completing the ‘Approval Form for Non-Paid Work-Based Activities’.   This second form is completed by your company/organization and outlines the detailed learning outcomes you will provide the student through your internship experience. 
  • An internship is a learning experience primarily structured for the benefit of the student.  The more clearly you outline the specific responsibilities, learning, and benefits for the intern in the Career Interest/Objectives section on the Approval Form for Non-Paid Work-Based Activities, and the more closely related the intern experience is to an area of study or major at UNH, i.e. management or communication, the more likely it is that the NH DOL would approve your opportunity.  I suggest you add an attachment to this second form and use the additional space to go into great detail that outlines the benefits a student will gain from your internship.
  • UNH is not the ‘employer’ in this process.  Your company/organization is providing the internship experience and is responsible for accurately completing and submitting these two forms to the NH DOL.


For the ‘Approval Form for Non-Paid Work-Based Activities’ you should enter the following information:

  • School/Institution/OrganizationInsert your company/organization name, address and fax.  Disregard Secondary, Post-secondary or Other
  • Program Name: UNH Career Center - Internship Office
  • Contact Person: Beth Williams
  • Title: Internship Coordinator
  • Telephone: 603-862-3625
  • Fax: 603-862-3104
  • Type of Placement: Select only 'Internship'

For the question, ‘Is academic credit is given for this program’, select – N, unless the student intern is working with a faculty member to earn credit which is prearranged BEFORE the internship starts.  The rest of the form should be filled out by you, the employer.

If you have any questions about this process, please email Beth Williams at the UNH Career Center