Posting Jobs and Internships

The UNH Career Center offers employers a free and effective way to advertise opportunities to students and alumni.

To post a job or internship for current students and recent graduates

Wildcat Careers

Use this job board to:

  • Host an internship
  • Hire UNH students
  • Hire recent graduates (full-time, salaried positions)
  • Hire entry-level employees
  • View resume books
  • Request on-campus recruiting/on-campus interviewing

How to post on Wildcat Careers

  1. Go to the Wildcat Careers login page, and create a new employer account if you have not already.
  2. We will then send you an email stating we have approved your account request (usually within 24 hours). You may then update your password and access the site.
  3. When on your homepage's dashboard, click "Create job or internship posting" on the right under your Shortcuts menu. Complete form.


To post jobs for experienced UNH Alumni


UNH Connect

To post your openings for seasoned/experienced UNH alumni, 
Email job description and application instructions to

Do this if you want to post for

  • Part-time, seasonal employees
  • Full-time or part-time “experienced” graduates