Paid vs. Unpaid vs. Academic Credit

Paid Internship

  • Students receive an hourly wage (equivalent or greater than the NH state minimum wage) or stipend over the course of their internship


Unpaid Internship

  • Students will gain valuable knowlege, skills, and working experience to add to their resume


Internship for Academic Credit

  • If you want academic credit for your internship, you will need to obtain a faculty sponsor from your major or minor department
  • Fill out Earning Academic Credit for Internship Experience, a proposal outline that you can adapt and use when approaching potential faculty sponsors to seek their guidance and approval for academic credit
  • Be prepared to answer their questions, especially when asked what your learning goals are and how the particular internship experience relates to your major area of study
  • You and your faculty sponsor will complete the appropriate paperwork
  • To be eligible for credit, the internship must relate to your academic major or minor
  • Some departments have additional criteria that students must meet to be eligible for internship credit
  • Academic credit internships generally begin and end on the semester schedule
  • Just like a class, you will sign up for your internship through The Registrar's Office and pay for the credit hours earned